Types of Grants: What Is the Aim of Religion Grants


The variety of grants is great. There are arts and culture grants, children, youth and family grants, disability grants, education grants, environment and conservation grants and many others. These grants may be provided by government or by granting charitable organizations. They fund almost all spheres of social life in order to help people who have some difficulties. They can also fund non-profit organizations which are aimed at improving life of people.

There are also the granting programs which provide grants for religious organizations. Such grants are called Religion Grants.

Here is the list of several organizations in the USA that provide grants for religion.

Abell-Hanger Foundation – Texas. It is a national organization that provides funds for religious organizations that are located in the State of Texas. The area of its activities is very broad, it includes religion, arts, cultural, humanities, education, human services, society benefit.

Ambrose Monell Foundation. The aim of this organization is to provide grants for religious, charitable, scientific, and educational programs in New York.

American Family Foundation. It is non-profit organization that was created for exclusively charitable purposes to provide with grants religious, educational and literary organizations.

Arthur Vining Davis Foundations. This organization was created to fund organizations that work in the field of religion to support theological education. The grants are made to US institutions that are accredited by the Association of Theological School.

Baptist Community Ministries. It is a private organization, the largest in Louisiana. The areas of granting are education; health; public safety; and governmental oversight.

Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation. This foundation supports with grants local non-profit organizations that are aimed at providing funds to improve the health organizations, provide support to sick, aged, and incapacitated people.

Cora Foundation – National. This organization funds the Christian based ministries that support spiritual and physical needs of people. However, the foundation does not support organizations outside the US.

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