Can China Become a World Power Without a Grand Theory of Society Or Religion?

Some believe that China will need more internal unity amongst its growing populations if it is to succeed in the long term, stay together as one nation, and become a World Super Power. Today, China is a World Power and has the second highest GDP in the world, and thus, it is respected as a player on the Global Stage. Still, many inside the Chinese Nation believe they need a unifying theory to get everyone on the same page, something that is home-grown and comes from within.

But some outside observers believe that maybe they don’t have too, they can borrow one that works without having to re-invent the wheel. Why? Because it saves time, and prevents relearning old lessons the hard way. Could a religion serve this purpose ask some within the country? Hard to say, and getting a religion started takes time, same with developing an overriding sense of nationalistic pride. And yes, every concept (including a religion needs a spokesman).

Obviously, praying to a god or gods to make money in the stock market will defeat the purpose, and praying to save ones his soul seems hardly a way to unite the country. However some Chinese in some regions believe that the essence of the “soul” or life energy is the same in all living things, thus, it is already saved, as it is one with all?

A recovering communist nation should be weary of using nationalism to promote unity, we all know the history of that. So, one has to ask can China become a World Power without a Grand Theory of Society or Religion? Well, I’d say they already are, but to be a World Super Power, they entire country needs to get onto the same page. And while you are considering all this, I am going to go have a round of golf.

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