Is Modern Religion, Teaching Man About the Power of God Given to Him Through God?

How can you find God? Where is he hiding? What relation are you to God? Is there a missing key that someone may be hiding from us? You can bet there is. Things just don’t add up. I was taught, from very young, that Man’s  sin was originated  from Eve offering the forbidden apple to Adam. The sin was created from Adam biting the apple. Wait a minute. Whats wrong with eating an apple? Maybe it is symbolic for something else? Yes, I say it is a symbol for something else. But Wait? The Bible does not say what the apple  is symbolic of. It does say it came from a tree of knowledge.  And we know that the devil played an important role in this original sin, believe me this guy ( The devil ) got a lot of tricks up his sleeve. He did prove that he could trick man.The Bible does say that Adam became aware of his nakedness. But what about the secret knowledge that man acquired? And what made him aware of his nakedness? Good questions.

Then God told Adam to leave the garden. But where did Adam go? What happened to God? Where did Satan go? Answer: nowhere.  Man still inhabits this planet, Earth,which, was once called the Garden. All three of us, man, God, and Satan, are still very concerned about the outcome of man on this planet, .Have you ever heard the phrase heaven on earth? Can that be? Maybe I will write an article about heaven…soon.

Jesus was a man just like you. Jesus showed man great powers that exist within man. Jesus also showed man how to activate these powers. There is an amazing intangible power in man, limited only to his imagination! Wow! With the power of God, what can you not do?

It should be your primary purpose in life, to find God. O.K. so where is God? Answer: God is inside of man. But that is not a secret, is it? O.K. so how do you find God? I will tell you this: Find yourself and you will find God, this will happen at the same time. It will be  kinda like finding a small flame,about the size that a match would make. O.K. So where is the power? The power comes when to flames unite. The power is atomic. This power is beyond man’s current imagination. The power of God makes quantum physics seem like grade school level one. Please allow me to close this article with a quote. 

” If two men get together and say to the mountain, rise up and hurl yourself into the sea, surely the mountain will rise up and hurl itself into the sea…” -  Jesus  –

And now I would like to invite you to ask some questions, to find the truth and know it is the truth from Atman and the Great Unique Wisdom Network.
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