The Religion of Love – What is the Root of All the Evil in the World?

“In The Religion of Love what is the root of all evil in the world?”

“Ignorance. False leaders teach that it is our differences that make us enemies. But it is not our differences that are the enemies, but ignorance.” (excerpt from the book “The Religion of Love”)

‘Ignorance’, to me, was usually used as an insult, meant to mean someone has turned a blind eye to the needs and feelings of others, or that one is uneducated. And people are very offended if you call them ‘ignorant’. But from Mother Rytasha, I learned another definition of the word ignorance: forgetfulness.

When I was a child, I suffered greatly from this forgetfulness. I remember thinking hard and trying to understand, “where did I come from?” From my mother’s womb- and that’s it? “Where do I go when I die?” Into the dirt- and that’s it? And, “why am I here?” “What am I meant to do in this life?” And later on I grew a great hunger to know the absolute truth of life and death, for out of ignorance, I had forgotten who I truly am. And in hearing these teachings of The Religion of Love, it was as a revelation and a confirmation for my aching heart. For the truth is that I, and we, are all eternal, spirit souls- never born, never dying, and the only purpose of life is spiritual realization- to come again to our natural, spiritual consciousness- to remember and experience our true position as the Beloved Lover, servant of God.

In ignorance of my true, spiritual self, I thought I was this body, and so, sought happiness by trying to satisfy the senses of this body. But the material senses are insatiable, and no matter how hard I tried to fill that gap with food, friends, entertainment, drugs, and all the sort… still it was never enough. All the world gives, it takes back. All material pleasures are limited and temporary, and they only distracted me from the real root of my suffering: ignorance. But still I tried hard to be happy; going to different places, trying new things, meeting new people, spending time in nature… but still I was relating everyone and everything to this body. “Watering the leaves but neglecting the roots, and so the tree was withering and dying.”

In the book “Peace“, Mother Rytasha teaches, “Why seek you inner peace by outer action? See not another place, nor people, but seek instead the spiritual knowledge by which a man may know himself and knowing himself, may free himself from the pain of anger and of hate. For where can a man go that he takes not himself?”

So the root of all the evil in this world is this ignorance. And by not knowing the purpose of life and the true source of happiness, we are causing great suffering to ourselves and others. Mother Rytasha tells a nice tale, that “the saint and the drunkard are equal, in that they both want the same thing: happiness. The difference is, the saint knows where to get it.” So in forgetfulness, of our true selves and purpose in life, and of our spiritual relationship to everyone, to God, and to all things created by God, out of ignorance, we will act, and so we, and all in the world, suffer by the weight of this illusion. All spiritual paths and practices are nothing but a cleansing and a clearing of the dirt of ignorance.
Excerpts from the books “The Religion of Love” and “Peace”, The Teachings of Mother Rytasha. All free for download at

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