A Religion of Comfort

We have a brand-new faith in community, it is called the Faith of Comfort. Individuals everywhere are joining this religion for the sole function of acquiring a lot more worldly possessions. In today’s culture, convenience is synonymous with wide range or materialism. It not wrong to obtain the so-called comforts of life to earn one really feel materially comfortable and “satisfied”. This is normal human thinking as well as actions. Nonetheless, when we concentrated our powers exclusively on acquiring wealth by all methods as well as paying less attention to the spiritual aspect of our being we are satisfying just one facet of our presence. This way of thinking will trigger us to sign up with the Faith of Convenience.

The Religious beliefs of Convenience changes our point of view. Our vanities are inflated and we are not our brothers as well as sis caretakers anymore. We are driven by greed and also negative self-centered actions which impedes our true inner capacity. This religious beliefs blinds our judgment, because we are focused on getting even more wealth. We validate our actions just by numbing our spiritual inner-self. Joining the Religion of Convenience is very easy, considering that it needs of us just to fancy materialism. Life is NOT just about attaining wealth ONLY, it’s also regarding achieving spiritual development connected to a Greater Spiritual Source. We are all spiritual beings connected to a Higher Spiritual Resource as well as not until we concern this realization will we free our selves from the Faith of Comfort.

I am not saying that we ought to desert the comforts of life and also go real-time in a cave. This is not just what I am proposing. What is essentially incorrect today is the individual internal enthusiasm in a few of us to acquire ONLY product belongings in any way cost. Some people who belong to this religious beliefs would certainly do anything to acquire wealth … Anything! Our focus in life need to be stabilized with both a spiritual and a material element. And also both components need to have a favorable reason and fact affixed to them.

Lots of people today retreat from the truths of life when they abuse alcohol or medicines, in addition to using other adverse circumstances in their lives to earn themselves “feel good”. Exactly what they are really doing, is simply numbing their inner true potential. Life as well as nature develop in each of us the capability to stand up to every stress that could come our means without utilizing any kind of props that may avoid us from achieving true inner happiness. Real happiness lies deep within our hearts as well as minds and this is one key section of nature’s comforts. Being caught up in the battle of life of intending to have even more “points” than one could primarily manage is likewise one more method of inviting greed into one’s life as well as this is also part of the Religion of Comfort. There is but one secret to life which trick is finding reality!

OC Tross is the writer of 2 books Another Thought and also Grocery store of Life. He is a teacher, musician, inspirational speaker, speaker’s instructor and thinker for over fifteen years. To read even more of OC Tross’ viewpoint visit; http://www.octross.com

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