Finding the Fun in Spirituality

Fun as well as the spiritual life– exactly how do those 2 principles go together?

Years of operating in the business world, complied with by the taking care of the challenges of trying to run an effective full time spiritual service each time when the majority of people did not believe it was possible, in some cases led me to really feel that I could not manage to relate spirituality with fun.

Nowadays, nevertheless, I commonly locate myself reminding my friends and also clients that living a spiritual life is not concerning being dour and also serious. Instead, getting on a spiritual path needs to bring a person an extensive feeling of tranquility as well as delight. The path of the spiritual life should leave us lighter compared to we were before as well as not evaluate us down.

Besides, look back in history at the souls that have strolled in human form– Jesus, Buddha, Bodhidharma, Krishna, Gandhi, the existing day Dalai Lama– all could be defined by their extensive and unwavering optimism as well as pleasure at the world around them.

A few of my friends’ preferred spiritual stories originate from the Zen Buddhist tradition, and as they usually point out to me, those stories have lots of Zen Masters doing absurd, amusing and also otherwise horrendous points just for the benefit of a laugh, a smile, and also occasionally a moment of spiritual awakening.

Living a spiritual life has to do with knowing that there is an excellent function to the universe, and the important things that happen, you, and every little thing else in development, are contributing because divine function. That knowing, that discovery, can launch and also unburden us from the woes we deal with.

Spirituality enables us to comprehend and access the greater divine objective behind the world and our lives. That understanding unavoidably leads to a divine discovery that we are unified with the universe. From that unity comes tranquility, and also from that tranquility comes giggling.

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