Getting Fitter Through 30 Minutes of Pickleball a Day

People who want to lose weight and boost their fitness levels may feel despair about these goals if chronic pain or a certain level of disability somewhat limits their activities. Many athletic activities can be done in a less vigorous manner, allowing these individuals to burn off some calories and increase their muscle strength and flexibility. Tennis is an example, and pickleball is an increasingly popular sport with some of the same features. It’s easy to find pickleball equipment for sale now since so many people have taken up the activity.

Losing Weight

It’s difficult to lose a substantial amount of weight without modifying the diet because so much physical exercise is necessary to burn off even one pound’s worth of calories. Nevertheless, combining exercise and a reasonable diet can help a great deal in slow, steady weight loss.

Pickleball at a moderate level of effort in a half hour of casual play can help a 200-lb. person burn some 300 calories. Even without reducing calorie intake, daily play at this level would allow the person to lose about one pound every 12 days. That may not seem like a great deal, but it means about 30 pounds lost over the course of a year. Moderately reducing calorie intake could result in twice that amount of weight loss in one year.

Maintaining Healthy Numbers

Losing weight shouldn’t be the only goal when playing pickleball for fitness. Regular exercise can allow people to better regulate their blood sugar and blood pressure in addition to reducing their cholesterol levels. Human bodies seem to be designed for activity and they stay healthier when a person gets plenty of exercise.

Toning Muscles

In addition, pickleball tones muscles, improving the person’s appearance. Muscle strength is boosted, and lean muscle is gained while fat deposits are burned away. After a year’s worth of pickleball games, the player will be pleasantly surprised at how much firmer his or her legs and arms have become.

Boosting Cardiovascular Health

For cardiovascular health, experts recommend 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week. That’s five days of 30-minute pickleball games for strengthening the heart and increasing lung capacity.

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