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Things You Should Eat During Your Pregnancy One of the most delicate experiences in life is pregnancy. This goes for both women and men. It is important that you have a few factors in mind if you just discovered you are pregnant. It may not be possible to know the conception date, and this is important for many reasons. You can identify the exact conception date with the help of a conception date calendar. Once you know the conception date, you can efficiently calculate your trimesters without fail. Knowing this can help you make your choice of what you need to be eating. Below are some of the things you should have in your diet while pregnant. Eat Fish It could be that you are not a huge fish fan. Nonetheless, there might be a particular type of fish that you enjoy. Whether it is Nile perch, Tilapia or Salmon these kinds of seafood, are rich in omega-3. When pregnant omega-3 is a necessity and must appear in your diet frequently. These help your child’s eyes and brain to develop efficiently. Include Folic Acid in Your Diet It is also important to have folic acid in your diet. This will help you lower risk of birth defects and also increase your red blood cell count. Folic acid is essential for anyone trying to get pregnant, and even those who are pregnant should take it up to the 12th week of pregnancy. This is another reason for having your conception dates clear.
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Dairy Products Proper eating is vital if you are pregnant because you will need to provide the right nourishment to the growing fetus. The fetus needs an adequate amount of both calcium and proteins. Both proteins and calcium can be found in dairy products. Dairy products contain casein which is a high-quality protein that is healthy for the fetus. Moreover, the fetus also gets some calcium through the dairy product intake that the mother gets. Dairy products are also great sources of zinc, magnesium, phosphorous and vitamin b. Youghurt is usually the most preferred dairy products. This is due to its high protein and calcium content as well as probiotics which are good at reducing pregnancy complications.
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Egg Intake Eggs are usually considered as healthy food for pregnant women. This is because they are highly nutritious. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals which are crucial for the fetus. Moreover, eggs contain a lot of proteins. This food can be ranked among the brain foods because of the role it plays in brain development. They have choline which is useful in functioning and development of the brain. A diet with no choline can lead to severe neural tube defects. Poor brain development might occur due to the lack of this essential element.

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