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Make an Old Fence Look Good Again

Clean an old, damaged fence and make it look new. Here are a few tips. A power washer and a good coat of oil stain is all that’s needed to refinish your fence.

Removing Stubborn Dirt

Power washers are powerful. Nothing can stand the water pressure that a power washer delivers. It can blast sticky materials out of the wood. But it can also damage the wood. The use of the proper sprayer tip and spraying technique is highly recommended.
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Used correctly, the power sprayer works well to your advantage. This is beneficial as more sealer can be absorbed in the wood because there is more surface area to work on.
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No other way of cleaning an old fence can compare with what a power washer can do. It is important to choose the right tip and test the pressure of the spray before aiming it on wood. It is always good to err on the side of caution.

You can quickly learn how to use a power washer even if it’s your first time to use one.

Make sure that nothing obstructs the path of the water spray along the fence.

You will likely get wet so wear water-proof clothing.

Spray the power washer evenly across the surface of the fence boards. You will see clear changes in the color of the wood as you clean it. Continuing to spray when you already see the wood exposed does not improve its color.

Adding Years to Your Fence

Fix damaged planks and hammer protruding nails back in place. If you have broken or split boards, you can repair it with waterproof wood glue. Bind separated joints with corrosion-free bolts and nuts instead of common wire nails for better fitting together.

Use braces to support a sagging gate.

It might be necessary to brush or spray the bottom of your fence with wood preservative. Be aware that your fence rots first at the bottom part.

It is good to preserve the natural color of the wood by using clear or semi-transparent oil stain. Wood stains contain pigments that add a blend of color to the wood’s natural shades.

Let the Fence Dry Completely

The fence must be completely dry before you attempt to apply the sealer. This takes 1 – 3 days depending on weather conditions. Discoloration of wood as it ages is natural. Choose a toned sealer to bring out the natural shades of the wood.

Coat the wood with sealer using a paint roller. Let the sealer be absorbed by the wood as much as it can. A paint brush is a good way to finish off applying the sealer after the paint roller. Don’t forget the corners. Clear lap marks by keeping edges wet.

Hire Professionals

Hire someone else to do the job if you think you are not capable to do it yourself. Depending on the extent of the work needed to be done, appropriate fees are charged.

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