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It has actually never had to do with The U.S.A., religion and maybe not also Israel; it has actually always been concerning power. Recent occasions between East have me asking yourself whether the battling in Gaza, Lebanon and Iraq has ever before really been regarding a clash of cultures or religions. The current headlines from this battle torn region would suggest that the issue is really all concerning who has political power.

Hamas as well as Fatah does not appear the least bit concerned concerning the plight of the Palestinian individuals; their poverty, their cravings, their loss of life, their religious beliefs or services to finishing years of anguish. It is something to have varying political perspectives and also one more to eliminate over them. In the last circumstances it is obvious that you are not taking care of ideological background, you are managing power starving activists that have little issue for any kind of interests other than their very own program to be in control.

In Iraq, the recent battle of the minarets of the Shiite temple in Samarra likewise verifies that the problems in between the Sunni and Shiites are not actually regarding an American presence as long as it has to do with who will manage the political balance of power amongst the various Muslim sects. It is not an issue of the Islam globe standing tall in jihad versus the American infidels. It is regarding who reaches regulate and impose their will certainly on individuals.

According to the stories in Beirut, “Angry mourners lambasted Syria on Thursday at the funeral service of a noticeable MP whose killing in an additional Beirut bombing fed concerns of additional instability in deeply divided Lebanon. Walid Eido, a vocal doubter of the Syrian regimen, was killed in a in a seafront attack on Wednesday that was criticized on Lebanon’s previous power brokers in Damascus.”(AFP). As soon as once more, the thirst for power and not real thoughtful beliefs seem to be the problem.

Neither Center Eastern political or religious appear to have a real concern for solving the region’s issues. People deprive, civilians are captured in the crossfire, and the social, economic and also political establishments break down under a false umbrella of spiritual overtones. These sorts of battles may not be winnable given that just what we are fighting is not actually ideology or way of life based. When the adversary could care less regarding the survival of a lifestyle or concerning developing a real and long lasting peace, then the enemy is actually a mirage. They have no compound, no idea to counter, and also there is actually no discussion on concepts considering that they have none. If they want to do anything to simply be in control then it seems that the only service is to get rid of one side or the other and also allow the chips fall where they may.

We can not impose freedom on an individuals who have no background of cost-free option. We will certainly never encourage psychos that the right to elect is more crucial than power. We can not encourage these people of the civil liberties of woman because the issue is actually concerning managing woman, not regarding some ridiculous spiritual concept of female as second course people. It is not about peace with Israel. The only real issue with Israel is that they have power and also larger weapons-something they seriously seek. It is not Islam versus Christianity since these people adhere to no faith other than the religious beliefs of power and also control. As long as there suffice numbers in each opposing camp, there will constantly be battle because the only goal they have is to control the various other.

With these kinds of issues, the United States is actually going to have to take a much closer check out the enemy and also create a brand-new way of thinking and also a brand-new approach. We are not battling rational as well as reasonable people. They have recently shown their real colors and they are not red, white and also blue.

Mr. Harris was born in Massachusetts. He attended The American University in Washington, D.C. and received his level in Political Science. His graduate job was done at the College of Northern Colorado as well as Howard University. While in D.C., he spent numerous years helping regional as well as local government agencies. Upon transferring to Maine he collaborated with 3 guvs and also functioned as the Assistant Director of the Maine State Preparation Workplace. He worked with a White House Job Force for the advancement of a National Rural Policy and also later on functioned as Country Plan Planner at the Federal Regional Council of New England. He has functioned on gubernatorial and senatorial political campaigns as well as presently works in Special Education.Mr.

Harris is co-author of the novel WAKING GOD as well as is an across the country syndicated and also showcased author for The American Chronicle. He is working on Publication II of the Waking God trilogy as well as writing attributes for literary E-zines. His second book, A MAINE XMAS CAROL has actually been released by Cambridge Books. Contributing author for UPI’s Religion&& Spirituality internet site.

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