The Religion of Love – “Is Faith Enough?”


“I’m told over and over again to just have faith. Is faith enough?”


In The Religion of Love we are taught that, “Greater than faith is truth! For it is not the same to believe in Love as it is to be in Love. Nor is it enough to believe in God and the Spiritual World, but that we long to be there, and once again with God.” (excerpt from the book “The Path Made Straight”)

That was the worse, when you had a question and whoever you were asking would say, “just have faith.” And you really wanted to know, or were confused and needed some answers, and all that kept coming back was, “just have faith.” As though the reason you didn’t understand is because you didn’t believe strong enough. Or that you had no faith at all. But here Mother Rytasha is saying, “Greater than Faith is Truth.” So faith is a good beginning, we first need to believe in something, but really its the experience that we are after. In another book Mother Rytasha says that someone can teach you the art of washing. And you may have full faith in what they are saying is true. But just by faith alone we are not going to be clean. We need to pick up and use the soap. Then we will be clean.

That’s why I like this section so much because it’s not enough that we just believe in God and the spiritual world but that we long to be there, as Mother Rytasha is saying, being in that spiritual state of consciousness, the spiritual state of Love. And that what I want, the experience. Its like Mother Rytasha always says, that someone can tell you how sweet and delicious honey is, describing in great detail the taste. And then you could even tell others how sweet honey is, relaying just what you have heard. But until we open that jar and put the honey on our tongue and taste it ourselves, we won’t really know the taste of honey. “Truth is only earned in experience.”-Mother Rytasha


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