Maldives Festivals Where Tradition, Culture And Religion Is Celebrated

Maldives is an ideal holiday getaway and a place where a lifestyle revolves around tropical beaches and serene retreats. However, that is not all Maldives is famous for; the island also boasts a rich local history, tradition and culture. These are best seen first-hand during one of the many colourful festivals that are sprinkled throughout the countrys calendar year, when the nation becomes consumed in an explosion of colour and pageantry.
Visitors to this tropical land too can indulge in the many traditional festivals and celebrate them among the local people. Due to most of its population being Islamic, there are many types of Muslim celebrations such as Eid-Ul-Adha (among the most significant religious festivals in the country), Ramadan (a festival that marks the final day of a 30-day fasting period) and Kuda Eid (a festival that is held over a period of three days following the Ramadan festival).
Other festivals in Maldives include traditional dance performances, traditional musical performances and jazz recitals where performers use different types of instruments that are carved out of wood. The Maldivian Independence Day is another celebration held on 26 July while the National Day is also regarded an important festival as the date marks the victory of Muhammad Thakurufaanu over the Portuguese in 1573.
Tourists in Maldives can also participate in the Prophet Mohammads Birthday celebrations as well as Victory Day and Republic Day festivities. Visitors to this breathtaking Island can enjoy the music, dance and the various types of food on offer during times of celebrations. Some of delicacies that one must savour during the festivities are kuli boakiba, gula, kiru sarbat and foni boakiba, all of which are home-cooked goodies.
During these festivals, the people in the country are seen gathered in numbers decorating their houses, streets, dressed in colourful attire to mark each celebration. Travellers looking for Maldives resorts to match your accommodation requirements will find the Kurumba Maldives an ideal selection. This luxury Maldives resort proves to be among the best in the island and it offers guests with a range of fine facilities and beautiful views of the sea.

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