The Religion of Love: Love Matters Most in Our Spiritual Practice


“Is one way of chanting God’s name better than another?


“There are not any hard and fast rules. What matters most, is not the way of chanting, nor the words in chanting, but the Love in the chanting.”

What I really like about this teaching, is that it cuts out so much of the speculation and vain endeavors that the mind accompanies into spiritual life. It seems a natural tendency in the world to try to “get rich quick”, or in other words, to achieve a great result with little or no effort or time. So many gimmicks are on sale in just about every aspect of life, with: cars, dieting, business, school, etc. But in this material world, “what is sold here is of little value, and is paid for at too high a price.”

In spiritual life too, we might desire to seek some shortcut to enlightenment. I was myself once asked this of Mother Rytasha, when I first took to the practice, if there was a particular way, or method, or style, or trick to chanting that could  help me get more results quicker… anything to help me get closer, faster, to spiritual realization. And she taught me this same answer, “It is not the way, nor the words of chanting, but the Love in the chanting,” that is most pleasing to God. Taking to the spiritual practice, we are cleansing the dirt of ignorance which keeps us from experiencing  our true state of eternality, bliss, and knowledge. In essence, this process is to become again the devotee, the beloved Lover of God. The goal is not to become a ‘perfect chanter’ – the goal is to fall 100% in Love with God! And there’s no shortcut to achieving this goal, but that we wholeheartedly take to, and do, the practice! We are like gold that is buried in a mountain of dirt, and so if we want to get back to that gold we have to get our hands dirty! We just have to chant, and chant, and keep on chanting! And slowly, our dormant Love of God, and desire to serve Him, will grow and grow.

Mother Rytasha does teach that Love is also attention. So if there is anything that we could do to improve the quality of our chanting, it is to give our complete focus and attention to hearing God’s Name. What we Love we give a lot of attention to, and what we give a lot of attention to, naturally we will grow to Love.
All quotes cited in this article are sourced from the various books of “The Religion of Love – The Teachings of Mother Rytasha.”

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