Organizing Your Time

While some of us would love to have the Islands mentality of constantly putting off our work so that we can just relax and enjoy the now, many of us really don’t have that option. Especially if you are actively working for a company; there are deadlines to meet and assignments/tasks that have to be done all of the time. And the best way to accomplish all of this is to stay organized.
To different people, being organized takes on completely different meanings. From having a file folder with everything labeled to having piles of papers, books and clippings shoved in a corner that you go to on occasion when you need something, these are the types of ways in which people tend to organize themselves. Personally, I admit that I am somewhat of a neat freak when it comes to organization. For as long as I can remember, I have always felt as if I could not get anything done unless I had everything around me organized and in place. When my brother and were younger, we had a head start in organization and privatization. As soon as we would get off of the school bus, we came in, greet my mom, had a small snack, changed out of our school uniforms and got right to work. There was no talking to friends on the phone or playing outside until all of our school work was finished. If we had friends over on a school night (which wasn’t too often), they would have to follow the rules as well.
While my brother absolutely hated life back then, years later, he now appreciates everything that my mom and dad did (as do I).We tend to not realize the positive effects that organizing our time has until we don’t do something and then are faced with last minute hasty decisions or rushing around just to get something done. For example, those of us who have had close calls on deadlines that we may have almost missed simply because we failed to make it a priority when it should have been, know all too well how valuable staying organized is.
Similarly, when you are a parent, organizing your time almost becomes a necessity. I can still remember days where my mother had to rush home from work so that she could shuttle my little brother to soccer practice before turning around to shuttle me to twirling practice. She often didn’t even have a second to catch her breath until she was in her bed; and then the entire thing would repeat itself the very next day!
Whether you own a business or are just trying to successfully manage your own life, start thinking of ways in which you can get organized. For some people, it helps to have a visual. Having a desktop calendar or even using alerts on your mobile phone device are great suggestions for how you can get started!

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