Myth of Time Management

How many times have you heard “Time is money”?

Well, it isn’t. Time is your life.

There is a myth out there called “Time Management”.  It makes us believe we exert some control over time but it simply exists. We can’t argue with it or change it. What we can manage are the activities we fill our time with and the value we place on those activities.  

And that’s the problem. As a coach, I see people get into trouble when they use a scale based only on dollar. They overlook three other very important value scales and wonder why their schedules seem to be out of control.

•  Zing

Zing is the most important criteria because a fulfilled life is impossible without it.

What is Zing? It’s probably different for everyone reading this but you recognise it in your own life by a feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment or excitement when you engage in your chosen activity.

Zing must never be overlooked or discounted. Otherwise you’re just getting through your life without really living it. Your day should always contain at least a smidgen of Zing.

•  Balance

Most of us don’t give enough weight to social activities, seeing them as ‘less valuable’ than work because they don’t directly generate dollars. It’s also why full time mothering gets such a bad rap as a career choice.  Using Balance as a criteria can help you put the priorities of your life in a proper perspective.

Now most of us would agree that Einstein was a pretty smart guy as well as successful in his chosen field.  When asked about the  formula for success he said,” Success equals X times Y times Z, where X is work, Y is play and Z is keeping your mouth shut.”

Einstein obviously understood Balance. If it worked for him, it will work for you.

•   Leverage

Does Activity A need to be accomplished before Activity B can happen? Then Activity A has leverage value because it moves you forward. And forward is always a good thing.

Challenging the myth of Time Management and how we view our activities is a big step towards creating life balance and placing a proper worth on the stuff of our lives – our time.

Aprille Janes is a certified life coach, author, inspirational speaker and a champion of women who long to live the life they were meant for! She teaches that the best way to reclaim that Bolder Woman inside of each of us is by connecting to our irresistible core of passion. Download her free Ebook – Passion, Purpose and Values – at . It’s a great place to start your own journey.

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