Politics, Faiths as well as Cults

It is of pure hypocrisy on society’s side, that is guided by politics as well as politicians who always develop holocausts and mass massacres, under campaigning for of the mindless crowd, to bug cults and also classify them as one of the most terrible point that can take place to humankind. Beyond pretension, it is indeed an intellectual hooliganism that holds on to the weak as well as is deeply hidden within its hiding place from the forcible – the politics, which all hesitates however keep quiet at best, or enthusiastic regarding it in the even worse case. Cults are indeed a disliked and also terrible pattern that makes use of human weaknesses and also out of balance individuals, I concur with that, but the normal human being who slams and also slanders – justifiably – the cults’ sensation, has to observe their very own face well, that same absurd as well as wayward, cowardly and also scummy face, who joins the freedom celebration and also crowns butchers that are straight accountable for wars, ruination and destruction of any sort and type.

It isn’t the politicians’ absence of obligation alone; this is the citizens’ unique irresponsibility, all them, all over! They are members of the international cult, the most awful of them all – the cult of national politics! Those, one of the most hypocrite of humanity, complain regarding trivialities such as spiritual cults, which are mainly safe, or really slightly damaging. Nevertheless to national politics, there is a stupid, passive agreement that enables political leaders an absolute power that produces physical as well as spiritual holocaust.

Lengthy live the typical and hypocrite puniness! Which is the base of wickedness that triggers humankind and also guy detriment and also ruination of incomprehensible proportions, as well as they, masses of pseudo intellectual human failures, pretentious to disgust, drown as well as sink whatever in rabble-like assertiveness, direct the propagandist shooting machines at complete fire power versus a condition (the cults) that is virtually an influenza as opposed to directing them against the genuine cancer – the national politics. For that reason, following time you’re subjected to anti-cults propaganda as well as really feel a strong requirement to support it in order to really feel over-norm and ultra agreement, I ask of you to return and review well the aforesaid: it’s preferable your support will be given to the extermination of an immensely harmful torment which is national politics, that sentence guy to devastation. As opposed to focusing powers as well as power against petty and minimal signs and symptoms, that without a doubt need an appropriate tending to, it is necessary to focus the optimum power and action versus the violent political gap and also ailment that abuses and also destroys the body, and locates the heart of life in hell.

Check out faiths: mass cults with ludicrous beliefs which throughout history lead man to harsh trips of murder and bloodbath, abhorrent program over the spirits, as well as exploitation of any type of type and also kind; they, which have actually ended up being a consensus enthusiastically supported by the silly masses who require a guideline as well as order in the life of mayhem; they are the ones that develop organizations that condemn as well as slam just what they call cults, as ridiculous as it is. They, that screwed up and also sabotage humankind without a flinch as well as without mercy, that transformed the paradise of life right into a hell of passing away as well as death, from abysmal improbity; and also a cynical exploitation of simpletons and also innocents, out of futile ideas as well as the toxin of intoxication of power; they, that transformed background right into an awful and acerbic theatre, persecute, slander and also intimidate people far from neutral concepts as compared to the evilness of their blood leaking religious beliefs and belief. Go out and also see who stand behind those delegitimizing war type of harmless groups and companies, or harmful in a tiny manner; evaluate their way by their deeds, “for in their fruit you’ll know them”, by their background, as well as only later find the moment to take care of all kinds of low as well as minor, ephemeral companies. Cults are a passing seasonal illness, however religious beliefs are a relentless cancer that threatens to obliterate humankind in its whole. And you locate the moment and power to concentrate and also take care of trifles instead of rooting out real wickedness from within you ?!

The violent as well as harmful cults can be counted with the fingers of both hands, yet what about national politics as well as religious beliefs leaders who committed murders of an incomprehensible scale? Could we approximate the multitude of the exploitation as well as its extent, the brainwash as well as despoliation of souls by these leaders, which are regarded genuine? Yes, cults are toxin and an expression of diverse mental disorders, as well as there is a should challenge the sensation, but shouldn’t we at first confront the genuine beasts, the faiths and politics? As long as we approve of holocausts, massacres, suppressions, a great exploitation by politicians and religions leaders, just what would we complain about? Concerning a handful of murderous and violent cults? We exist in a world where psychotic leaders and psychotic religion priests personify their insanity and also malevolence in broad day light, as a consensus, but use a grinning expression and are proficient in good manners, as well as no one makes an audio. The concern from them is too wonderful as well as paralyzing, for that reason the clinging to cults satisfies the pangs of principles that provoke the requirement in them to take care of wicked, nonetheless wicked grows unrestricted in the whole human society and individuals are as though helpless, hypnotized mind infected zombies in an emotional jail that wased established as well as built by the whole human culture throughout history. Guy sanctifies psychotics and also evilness, murderousness as well as bloodlust, vanity and also groveling idol-worship in a massive as well as considerable way on a long-term basis, however pay your interest to this, all of this in a regular fashion! That is acceptable by public viewpoint. Campaigns? Accepted by popular opinion. Jihad? Accepted by popular opinion, holocaust and also genocide? Accepted by popular opinion. Cults? Not approved by popular opinion. Am I safeguarding cults by my phrases? Of program not, I present the potency of human stupidness, the attributes of the typical person, the normal, the guest in considerably ominous sensations, more monstrous than any type of terrible homicidal cult ever recognized to guy.

To start with, “cult” is a term the regular typical individual uses in order to terrify the multitude. When a person states “cult” they indicate to say “enjoy it!” “Threat!” and the people immediately share the concern of the weird threatening predicate. It’s society’s means to delegitimize foreign voices, troublesome voices, which aren’t suitable with the common understanding. The human publicity demonizes a person who isn’t really walking inning accordance with its path. Thus works the mindset of many people: people are ruled by feeling, are afraid mainly, and it is too straightforward as well as very easy to establish them moving through use concerns, and nourish those often. This is a visible as well as common understanding, nothing brand-new below; the whole history was based on these foundations of worries and also disgust.

After these words I’m needed to claim just how amusing it is just how some individuals mistake and assume I lead a cult. It’s been stated prior to: “no prophet in his own community”, but in the modern-day age there is no prophet in his own generation. The age of Net changed the globe to a village and also the spirit of this time is deaf and also dying in numerous mistakes. An international voice is promptly being articulated and also categorized as a risk. Simply to clear up and put things in order, I state beforehand: I have no intention to lead anybody anywhere. However, I urge individuals to take personal responsibility on their own life. Why my entire mentor is summed up in one sentence: “less and less human voices, increasingly more alone, self-reliance, even more and even more life, Divinity”. Cults disgust me and also totally contradict my world-view and my advice. I have no churchgoers as well as will never ever have one. Communality entirely negates the essence of my words, my world sight and also my assistance.

I reveal a matter in such a way that makes it difficult to accept or hear, I understand the way of which my words are listened to by the normal average individual, and also how they’re being perceived in their creativity. Nonetheless, my fate is to share the knowledge of fact and spirit, as well as there are also a few solid visions blowing on my heart that I desire to hand down to you. You’ll have to review all my posts in order to effectively understand my strategy and to feel my spirit, as well as that might not lead to the extensive understanding of my words, as my spiritual experience as well as my knowledge are mine, not yours. Every interpretation will always transgression to the fact. You’re eligible to enjoy me or to dislike me, to accept my words or reject them, however if you will still want to define me as a cult leader it would be an absolute misconception, defamation and a defective act that its purpose is to delegitimize via demonization that arouse negative undertones in the gusty human mind. If you still intend to amuse on your own with these terms and vivid theories of this kind, you’re complimentary to do as your mind pleases. At the end of a day, it is not of my concern what the prevailing opinion is, the viewpoint of littleness and narrow mindedness, the dominating point of view will certainly shatter right into items the day the wheels of fact would meet it. And I assure that today draws nearer as well as nearer.



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