The Revelation of the Secret of Happiness – Short Inspirational Tale

While practicing meditation, I wanted to understand who was happiest in the world as well as I had the vision of traveling to various locations as well as somehow, I discovered myself at a manor, a home of numerous spaces; this home did not lack anything however had everything contemporary and also in abundance. After that, I can feel the hearts of the individuals, the proprietor of your house wanted a lot more wealth and I might see that he was rarely house, he traveled a lot, trying to find something much more and also his mind was busy in reaching popularity as well as lot of money. I can also see that the girl of the home, enjoyed of gatherings as well as her major fear was not about the get-togethers but concerning the garments that she would certainly wear and also how the others would certainly see her. She needed to show her power and control.

I likewise saw the heart of the youngsters, they hardly recognized their parents, they were addicted to acquiring as well as making use of brand-new points then, they would certainly really feel very bored and also they were envious amongst themselves.

I left your home while assuming that it readied that they succeeded however there was something about them that did not appear that great since they were always unhappy, searching for something extra as well as they were never pleased.
Then, I mosted likely to the various other side of the city and discovered myself in something that was almost like a home, it appeared really poor as well as there was a household within, they were together and also were eating; and also the dad was stating:

“Allow’s thank God for our health, for been with each other, sharing this food.”

I saw that their food was easy, there was no abundance, only exactly what was needed. I might likewise see the hearts of the family members, where a light was radiating. And also I asked the light: “Who are you? I can see that this family members has tranquility as well as unity.” And the light answered:

” They additionally have delight and belief.”

“Exactly how is that possible?” I asked. As well as the light stated:

“You will not be able to see their riches with your eyes, but you will certainly feel it as well as you will understand the wide range in them due to the fact that they approve themselves, they make the effort as well as with natural humbleness, they value as well as really feel happy for what they have, then, they have even more than wide range, they have the revelation of the key of Happiness.”

And also I kept paying attention in my heart:

“To approve, to appreciate, to be grateful”

Then, I understood, who was happiest in the world.

Oscar Basurto Carbonell is a well known international speaker, Spiritual Educator as well as Therapist. Poet as well as author of countless works connected to Self Understanding, Recovery, Art forever Health, Reflection and also Spiritual Scientific research, are several of his topics. He has actually been painting considering that his early years. And has a wonderful knowledge on the old science of techniques and also styles of the Sacred Geometry, on the Old Icons as well as on Healing Energy. His jobs are energy as well as verse in motion that take us to walk on the spiritual paths and also to obtain energy of life as well as recovery. His art is essence and also compound of life. The musician has actually obtained special recognition for his humanitarian job helping charitable and ecological institutions. His beautiful art works are named Mystic Healing Art as well as might be valued in his main internet site where thousands of artworks are displayed in the virtual galleries.

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