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Line of any E GPS With solid technical toughness and also innovation, as well as method maps, and Cn Teamwork Gradually become the highest possible expense market navigating items, by consumers. In the just ended annual Pconline yearly examination tasks, won the “Best Technical Innovation Award” in the title. Just recently, significantly accelerates store to see this E-10’s Offer Very hot, let’s have a look at how this type of E-10 in the long run!

Finest line of any kind of E

Innovation Honor for Item E10

Any kind of E-line E-10 is the king of a new generation of GPS navigating, it is not just able to play RMVB format high-def video clip, likewise furnished with powerful numbers CMMB TELEVISION + Real map + fixed and mobile very early warning as well as other combination plans. Utilized SiRFAtlas-IV signal receiver chip + SiRF Dual-Core533MHz dual-core processor +4 G solid combination of big memory, running system in Windows CE.NT6.0 not just reduce the time Celebrity Browse, Lock Celebrity more powerful, and their Map runs really quick, course planning speed is also boosted dramatically.

E10 aside from any kind of E line user interface 3D Colorful

Any E line E10 5-inch high-def level touch smart moving screen resolution of 800 480. Big capability 4GB interior memory can be mounted over the map program. 533MHz dual-core cpus plus twin radar, can offer great comfort for your traveling at the same time can make you cool fun earthshaking! Presently on the market Genuine map + radar suite mix of market retail price of 2,580 yuan, likewise presented a half-year CMMB electronic TV “eye shade” experience card, like a good friend without allowing go refer to the following!

Any type of E line E10 Devices

Any type of E line E10 navigator’s job, whether material, or interfaces transcend manufacturing requirements, this is really feeling much more completely satisfied. The machine framework, especially appealing metal champagne, 5-inch 800×480 resolution LCD display with complete mirror layout, seemed a lot more generous decency. As well as with the E line UX9 the GPS navigating companion, to far better accomplish the job of radar discovery, to motorists with higher self-confidence, raised somewhat Road security, Decrease infractions, is a great chauffeur aids.

E10 can be used with any kind of E-line instrument UX9 radar caution

Features, E10 share fairly detailed, including navigation, music gamer, Electronic Book, RMVB video gamer, early warning systems, pictures, games, established, CMMB and Prize Box, full use the display viewing area. This machine sustains several navigation system start-up, individuals just set it then you could begin multi map.

Assistance any type of E line of E10 RMVB layout video player

The device currently has taken the lead in China Cn H3.0 variation preloaded with navigating system, H3.0 is the greatest technological web content currently on the market, one of the most humane of navigating items, maps and also data engine has a huge amount excellent. Comprehensive insurance coverage of China’s 337 prefecture-level cities as well as 2,862 county-level city data, is currently on the market the most considerable coverage of navigation electronic map; even more compared to 21 million massive, sensible 3D result joints enlarged image to increase the size of the marketplace 3D map intersection A lot of the navigating digital map; even more than 1600 million POI (details factors), is the marketplace POI largest number of navigation electronic map; greater than 25 million paper digital eye data, the marketplace of electronic eyes the largest number of navigation digital map; upgrade solution network approximately 2000, is one of the most extensive map to update network provider.

E-line of any real

Cn H3.0 variation pre-installed navigation software program

Lastly, the most preferred mobile TV CMMB certainly not lacking, either built-in decryption CMMB E10 E line component, support TV, radio signal reception, and the pre-CA card to guarantee that the signal has actually been secured in the area TV watching. E10 signal function is excellent, the space opened up antennas to acquire a greater signal degree, while the noise and picture playback is rather smooth, like seeing TV shows buddies E10 will certainly be a great option.

E-line player to decrypt any kind of

CMMB electronic TELEVISION user interface

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Any E line E10 with outstanding handiwork and classy style with graceful unique diamond reduced surface area back shell lines, so this maker is extremely simple to be one of the most likely individuals to enjoy at first view of the product. Navigating and also amusement, E10, both have rather sufficient efficiency, 800×480 hd cinema allow the maker in both locations substantially. E10 + UX9 the match is very adaptable, practical advantages as well as likewise achieve the preferred state, is to acquire a collection of high-definition display, CMMB, speed radar as well as other popular elements Car Navigating Miriam another great option for customers.

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