Mengniu Group Chairman Niu Gensheng Interpretation Technology Method

7 12, the residential popular ventures, Mengniu Group Chairman Niu Gensheng Were welcomed to the city, on “Innovation and growth??? Mengniu success” as a style of the report. Niu Gensheng begin with the special experience, the city which entrepreneurs will be influenced? And ways to improve independent innovation capability and also adapt to service development system building and construction and growth, out of an extra remarkable world? With Mengniu “hand” of the northern frontier farm, how will future? Zhangjiakou fates got tied

Niu Gensheng “I can not tell that they are or Zhangjiakou people of Inner Mongolia.” Popular phone call themselves “cow” and Mengniu Team chairman Niu Gensheng a means to discuss their origin with a ray of Zhangjiakou.

Niu Gensheng’s adoptive dad operated in Zhangjiakou, as well as now, Zhangjiakou City, as Mengniu’s 2nd largest manufacturing base, the 2nd largest premium Milk Manufacturing base, whether police or Saibei Ranch North Cattle ranch, the city is Mengniu Participation One of excellent, so Niu Gensheng of the Zhangjiakou has its own unique love, as the “ox,” said, could not inform that he is or Zhangjiakou individuals of Inner Mongolia.

Because meadows have similar ideas and also comparable customs, local habits, similar altitude, diurnal temperature level, sunlight time and latitude, so Niu Gensheng that these 4 signs completely constant with the strategic Mengniu as well as Zhangjiakou teamwork. Mengniu and the city for years to come the economic collaboration, Niu Gensheng that prospect.

A cow ran the rate of the rocket

Niu Gensheng Mengniu Team was founded in 1999 as Dairy products The rising celebrity, Mengniu to exceptional advertising and marketing devices in the country Dairy Was ranked No. 116 by a leap to No. 4. China Central Television Awards 2003 words that describe the financial figures Mengniu, “a cow ran rocket rate.” Why in just 9 years Mengniu grow so quick?

Niu Gensheng feeling, Mengniu reason for 9 years to develop, firstly accumulated benefits of state-owned enterprises, omitting its lots of ills, while the personal business as well as the private economic benefit take in extremely well. Mengniu and also various other companies are really different, as well as the behaviors and personalizeds are not the same, in the employment mechanism, the calls with staffs, the Mengniu abandoned state-owned ventures and also family members ventures Inability. For this reason, Mengniu has clear building rights, separation of venture, obligation and also authority clear, scientific management system; with “poly people loose money, cash scattered individuals together,” a special enterprise society; in turn set the development strategy of Zhang North, Guyuan Saibei in between a good location, inning accordance with Niu Gensheng suggestions, and also his team must dry a special thing. 9 years later on, Mengniu realize just what the outside world “wonder”, Niu Gensheng that Mengniu this 9-year growth, the pace of advancement will be the next action in Zhangjiakou has a fantastic impact.

Not miss today’s chances for business

Lots of people say “cow” they just made 9-year profession and business success, however Niu Gensheng do not believe so, “state-owned factory in the 5-year and also Erie 16 years of working experience, as well as Mengniu 9 years of hard job, which with each other laid the 30-year Mengniu’s success today. “

Niu Gensheng want to make use of 30 years of objective things, Mengniu just to overtake the birth of Thirty Years of reform and opening up. “In Zhangjiakou, we actually have any type of benefit in this location, how do we use all our sources to smoke in the quickest time to increase our degree of intelligence as well as material, and indicators to boost individuals’s lives.” Niu Gensheng believe This is positioned before a serious service concern, Zhangjiakou City, globalization becomes part of the technique. “The development of our city, for all enterprises, to treasure this opportunity.” Niu Gensheng claimed.

Information emphasis Niu Gensheng talk with the city participation and the “premium milk” strategy

Zhangjiakou City in the dairy products market, long as in exactly how?

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