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1) Moon is the controlled of mind and also when related to Saturn, the indigenous get spontaneous to be away from the worldly affairs as well as at times despite a lofty Moon, and also drunk of Jupiter, the native gets to the detailed study of Shastras and also other religious books having impact on the mind of the indigenous. Hence we have to admire and pay obscene to the learned and also appreciated sages, religious preachers, shankar Acharyas and spiritual leaders who have actually left great deal of material for our guidance.

2) Spiritualism is being translated in different ways by all. Some count on their acts no damage to any type of body, others assume that a person should take a trip past typical prayer of god as well as all the same one should take a trip from add-on to detachment however living a normal life. Few of the locals involve the element of ‘Moksha’ which is not proven as life after fatality is unknowned. Be that as it may, actual course in the direction of spiritualism is your ‘act’, your ‘deed’ though in the present birth no poor act is done but a lot of the individuals have to endure due to karmas in the previous births.

3) Why people get to ‘Sanyas’, spiritualism, living in spiritual put leaving the family members, why some perform ‘yagnas’ and also why some individuals reach holy bathroom and also others do not get back at a possibility and also so on. The answer for all these lie in the birth graph and also global position at the time of birth vis-à-vis the transit of worlds and also ‘dasha’ the citizen is having. Some earths have ‘separative’ influence specially rahy and also Saturn and they play their function in dividing the native from the liked ones and living a life of their very own with an ultimate objective to offer the mankind though some after the supposed ‘sanyas’ remain to be business minded and money grubbing.


Those born with the complying with combinations are most likely to have bath in holy river like Ganges, Yamuna, Narmada etc.

. I. Exalted Moon in watery indication (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) as well as Venus in 10th Residence particularly from the Moon.

II. Unafflicent Jupiter in the 9th Residence is itself enough but if with the Moon is in watery indicator; frequency of such baths will enhance.

III. Jupiter, Venus as well as Mercury in 4th House as well as Fourth lord in the 10 Residence if the earths happen to be any of these houses.

IV. Waxing Moon in the 10th House,

V. Rahu or the Sunlight in the 10th Home.

5) Mix for perfuming ‘yagnas’.

I. Born with Gaj-kesri Yoga exercise or Jupiter or Moon in their own indicators or exaltation signs.

II. 10th lord in 10th Residence with Mercury (Sun and Mercury in the 10th Residence in Leo causing budh-aditya Yoga).

III. 10th lord in 9th Residence with Moon and 9th lord in kendra (1st, 5th or 9th).

IV. If Second lord, 10th lord, Venus and Mercury remain in 10th House.

V. 10th lord Jupiter with Venus in Pisces exaltation indicator for Venus.

6) Mix for ‘Sanyas’- from accessory to detachment.

I. Venus in enemy’s house and in debilitation (Virgo). Malefic occupying the 5th or 9th setting type Venus.

II. Lagan must have minimum 3 worlds from Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and also the Sun. no malefic in Fifth Residence or 9th Residence.

III. Saturn in 12th hosue and also among the worlds Jupiter, Sun, Moon in Lagan.

IV. 10th lord combined/ influenced by the Moon as well as aspected by Mercury and benefices in Kendra or Trikona.

V. Mars, Moon as well as the Sun ought to combine with the 10th Residence and also 10th lord.

7) Some combinations for becoming a yogi.

I. All planets assumed in between Saturn and also Mars- rather Mars and Saturn posited in 2nd or 11th Residence.

II. All earths between the Jupiter and also Saturn. (Saturn has a major duty to play to end up being ‘snayasi’ or yogi’).

8) Combinations for ‘Privraja Yoga exercise’.

Parivraja yoga additionally makes the indigenous a ‘yogi’ or ‘sanyasi’. Four planets, depending on the nature of earths, make the native ‘sanyasi’ or even a kind of yogis or sanyasi. This provides rise to Parivraja, Yoga.

I. Sunlight, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and also Venus.

II. Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus and also Saturn.

III. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter.

IV. Moon, Mars, Venus, as well as Saturn– few may renounce food as well as survive natural herbs.

V. Moon, Mars, Venus and also Mercury might make the belonging to roam from one area to various other.

Dr. Shanker Adawal, Jyotishacharya in Astrology is an expert and also Astrology is his interest and also an impulse. His anticipating technique is based on Bhrigu Technique whose principles and teachings have been analyzed from research of above twenty years. He is a professional in the area of telecoms. He is presently benefiting among the Fortune 500 Indian business at a senior position. Did his MBA and PhD. and also functioned with Multinationals in India and also abroad, before joining his presnt assignment. He has actually taken a trip extensively both in India and abroad. He additionally has eager rate of interest in Human Rights.He got curious about astrology when he was young, did his Jyotishacharya. His need and ambition to share the findings of his research as well as the new dimensions which could be provided to the scientific research of astrology.

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