To all broad-minded persons

There are numerous differences in between different religious beliefs in the frameworks of worshiping God. But all these faiths worldwide think that there is a superpower that controls the events of the globe which is called God. And likewise various religious beliefs have some usual factors such as they think there is an additional world, a person will come at the end of world and also save mankind from oppressions, harsh activities, atrocities, homeliness, repulsiveness, and so forth. They think that there is a God that is great and also there is no God but him. Various prophets claimed to different individuals with various races and languages worship God and also there are no distinctions between human beings inning accordance with their shade of skins and also languages except to their piousness as well as virtue. They informed us do not eliminate each other for reaching the pointless properties of the world since this world is temporal as well as nobody’s life is timeless.

Then why the human beings war against each various other while they know that they will die very soon and also will be present before God in the another world. Throughout the 1000 years, our prophets who were the carrier of God informed us there are no differences between individuals other than to their piousness now we see injustice between black as well as white individuals worldwide. It is not versus the God’s order and required. Just how we can justify these evil and incorrect deeds. If people understand that just how much god loves them, they will certainly die from his love thousand times. As we recognize God is present everywhere as well as see our wickedness as well as exemplary acts. God have actually provided us the right of picking and doing the evil, wicked and right deed in this world but those that choose the evil acts must be accountable for them after life in the visibility of God. God told Satan regarding us that you could trick those people that are fan of their mood and also whimsicalities but those who praise me and also are my followers you could not deceive them. An instant’s carnality types lifelong regret. Our opportunities is passing, dear human beings take a look at the past as well as do not duplicate the errors of your decedent or the dead. Our chances are ending because our life is also short and also after life we have no means at our disposal to compensate our wicked actions. Take note that what does it cost? soil or land is enough for our tomb after death. Just how much tool and also facilities of the globe we can choose ourselves after life. Every federal government or political person need to understand power is mortal similar to the power of the past rulers such as Pharaoh in Egypt, Achaemenian in Persian and also … the only thing which will stay after life is the great actions. Today by great deals of multimedia all over the world we could send the ethical messages to the numerous individuals and also we ought to consider the breeding of incorrect and also evil deeds by these tools bring us incurable results.

In the lastly my advice to all people is that they ought to understand the power of God and prayer him. And also all like those persons that do kind deeds and also do not ingested in the products of this mortal globe as well as do not looked only their personal benefits or nationwide advantages by killing oppressed individuals like American soldiers that kill infants, ladies and also the individuals of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Vietnam, Japan with atomic bombs in Hiroshima as well as … by the command of the UNITED STATE governments for getting even more wealth, power, oil and also … if they know that they need to be present in the visibility of God after life and recognize that they could not to lug away or to carry the wide range, power or even more soil after their death other than their acts, they will certainly not kill individuals for these unworthy things or materials. My dear buddies do not dedicated to these unworthy points, wonder individual regarding the production of this world and also check out the every fragments of this globe and ask on your own that is the creator of that fragment or the world or even us. Consider the humans, nature, and also phenomenon and also understand your God’s power. You believe that this globe is temporal and there is not one more globe, if you assume by doing this, for exactly what reasons you produced. You are created simply for consuming, eating, enjoying as well as passing away without any objective.

If you see development of yourself this way, wherefore factors you observe the values or doing kind deeds. My bosom friends do not be stubborn individuals, be reasonable for discovering the fact of the world and its designer.

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