Whether Spirituality and Religion are the same?

More and more people in the developed countries think themselves spiritual without fitting to a religion. Bit some of the central world religions believe that there isn’t spiritual life out of their confines. Now, spend some time to discover the differences between spirituality and religion.


Both spirituality and religion, at a core level are about our relationship with God, the Divine, the Mystery or Absolute truth, by whatever name you give it. From my point of view the similarities end here.


Spirituality as I see it is an innate dimension to our existence and our relationship with the Mystery of life. Religions are manmade structures that seek to define and control our spiritual nature. Religion used to be a cultures one size fits all spirituality and in many parts of the world still are. Spirituality is personal, fluid and evolving. Religions are constructed with rigid and moralized belief systems.


Religion is based on faith and accepted beliefs which define the parameters of what is allowed to be believed. Ideas and beliefs beyond these boundaries are often considered heresy and usually punishable one way or another, even with death. Religion has strict codes of what is right and wrong and applicable punishments in both this life and beyond. This polarized moralizing of human behavior is a system of control based on fear. Neitzsche pointedly dispelled this cannon of religious dogma when he said “there are no moral phenomena only the moral interpretation of phenomena”.


What is amazing is that despite all of this there are people who are able to find authentic spirituality within the confines of their accepted religion.


Spirituality tends to be independent of religious doctrine and belief systems, although most people who consider themselves spiritual and not religious construct a belief system that they feel comfortable with. If this personal spiritual belief system becomes inflexible and rigid it can be as limiting to spiritual development as those of religion, though less likely to fill you with fear, guilt and shame.


The human mind creates systems of belief one way or another. The majority of these beliefs are received as conditioning from the culture that we grow up in. Spiritual development can be seen as a process of freeing ourselves from the conditioned state of the mind and therefore a limited experience of self. For it is beyond the conditioned state of mind that we experience the Mystery of the Divine. In the depths of this experience of Self beyond mind the boundaries of separation dissolve and the Self is experienced as One with the Divine. This process of spiritual evolution into awakening is the very nature of life itself.


Religion being manmade, being made in the consciousness of separation, places the divine outside of ourselves. This is true even when the source of the religion taught the spiritual truth of unity with God. Christianity is a great example. Jesus in his teaching clearly said that the kingdom of heaven is within all of us. How then did it become a place where God lives and we go where we go after we’re dead if we’ve been good and lived by the prescribed rules?


One answer is that spiritual teachers like Jesus spoke from a more evolved state of consciousness, and those who came after them and formulated religion in their name, were of a less evolved level of consciousness, and interpreted the teachings from this low level of consciousness thus distorting it.


Another interpretation is that religion was identified as a means of controlling an entire population of people, and its teachings were distorted to this end. Taking Christianity is an example again it seems quite apparent to me that both these interpretations are aspects of how Christianity became what it is today. Don’t think so? Well how is it that hundreds of years of war and countless atrocities have been committed in the name of religion, when pretty much all religions hold a core tenant of Thou shalt not kill, and Do onto others as you would have them do unto you, or the like?


Spirituality in its nature requires the questioning of beliefs, which tends to set it at odds with religion. Professing being spiritual doesn’t necessarily mean that we do question our beliefs, but freed from the confines of religious dogma, life will inevitably provide the circumstances for us to more readily do so. Accepting this opportunity to keep stepping beyond the boundaries of the identity that we hold, is the means of living spirituality. Spirituality then requires forging your own unique path of awakening to our true nature.


Religion requires conformity, discourages independent thought, self inquiry, it requires followers. That anyone finds spirituality in religion is amazing to me, that they do is testament to the power of truth to shine through. So is religion all bad? No, for clearly many thousands of people are inspired to be of service to their fellows by their religious beliefs. And when religion inspires seeing beyond the appearance of difference and is a vessel from which to expand ones beliefs and seek direct experience of the Mystery that manifest and animates life, then it still serves it’s spiritual purpose and spirituality and religion unite.


Ray Baskerville is a healer, meditation teacher, certified hypnotherapist, yogi and proud father. He has worked as a healer, taught meditation and yoga worldwide. Ray is also the creator and editor of lifedivine.net an online magazine for yoga, meditation, spirituality and personal development. Please visit for more free quality articles like this.

What Is Faith

Religion can be specified as the praise as well as idea of gods or a god. The other meaning is a collection of beliefs concerning to the purpose and origin of the world. Numerous religions include signs, stories, customs as well as divine backgrounds related to divine beings. All these symbols as well as histories intend to provide indicating to life and also derive principles. Various other compatible terms that could be used instead of religion are idea system and confidence. Faith as a field studied by academics can be split right into 3 broad groups as an example world religion. Such trainees typically compose documents on faith as well as these religion documents are necessary since they contribute a lot to a student’s final quality. There are steps that should be taken down when composing religion documents and some of these steps will certainly be discussed in this article. A religion paper is a paper that broadly talks about among the significant subjects in faith discipline.

The first step that is necessary is to try to find a topic for writing faith documents and this topic must be researchable and also appealing. After coming up with the topic, the next step is to do a research on the subject and this included trying to find info from different resources of information. The several sources of details for composing religion papers consist of books, publications, journals and also the Web. Info acquired need to be jotted down in note kind so that a compose does not neglect the details to consist of in body text. Students are commonly required to create religion documents such as essays and also research papers which usually account for the final grade or students’ academic excellence. These documents are supposed to be original as well as plagiarism complimentary to make sure that trainees could get high qualities. The various other point that is very important when creating faith documents is for trainees to have excellent writing abilities as well as analytical abilities. Trainees unable to write religious beliefs papers ought to look for writing assistance from custom creating companies online. These companies provide custom-made faith papers available for sale and a lot of them are untrustworthy. It is therefore crucial for pupils to depend on trustworthy and reliable firms to ensure that they can get quality documents. Reputable firms have a selection of faith papers for circumstances religion study papers, essays, term documents and also religious beliefs dissertations. Moreover, the kind of authors a religion paper writing business has issues. A dependable firm has to employ authors with levels or certifications in the field of faith.

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Spirituality as well as Religious beliefs

What are the distinctions between spirituality as well as faith? These 2 principles are typically misconstrued and one puzzled with the other. Both do however, relatively have the very same message, which is just one of love and offer a course to God.

Presumably that a person analysis of God goes to the core of the misconceptions that puncture the mankind.

Here we will certainly take a look at the different techniques available

Worry and Love:

Commonly faiths take the strategy of being afraid a God and would have you take its word for it. Faith uses individuals are afraid to do the appropriate point so they will not endure forever at time in the future.

The spiritual method to God is through the self looking for course of love. Spirituality educates us not to be afraid a God, but strategy God via the exact same self seeking path of love.

Religion has actually without doubt been utilized over the centuries by the powers that be, as a tool for control and earnings. Religion encourages you to check out the thoughts of others as well as accept them as facts.

Spirituality asks you to disregard the thoughts of others if demand be, and also create your very own. Spirituality motivates you to hear your inner feelings as a means of informing yourself that your last thought was a truth, that your last word was wisdom as well as that your last activity was among love.

Echoes of the Past as well as Present moment:

Faith appears to take motivation from as well as area fantastic value on the past. Religion fears of the old spiritual literary messages, and supplies this as the means to attain salvation.

Spirituality is not so stressed with the past and also believes in the infinite Here and Currently. To complete private freedom and sanctuary with the eternal God we should stay in the present.

It’s not the past or the future that offers us freedom it’s the Here as well as Now. People realise tranquility of mind when they focus on doing the appropriate point Present moment and also look within themselves for an all recognizing God.

Religious beliefs tells us that God is out of reach, high in the global heavens, while Spirituality informs us that God is but a thought away and that we are all God. Religion has actually asked us to believe that we need to pay penance to the fantastic God as well as request for his mercy for our humanly transgressions.

Spirituality asks us to utilize our very own moral compass as well as informs us to that our transgressions disappear compared to all-natural inclinations that go to the resource of lessons we could pick up from.

The Course:

Followers of faith believe that ‘their’ religious beliefs is the only course to God which seekers associated with various other religious beliefs are treading the wrong path to God. Their confidence tells them that others that look for God through different means are on a road that could only finish up in one area, heck.

On the other hand Spirituality is approving of all religions as well as comprehends that there are lots of courses to God. Spirituality accepts all religious beliefs whilst not getting inhibited with the conviction connected to them.


It would appear that there have been generations upon generations of psychological disconnection from our inner guide. Faiths teach us that the response to life lie outside of ourselves, not within.

Shame as well as regret are the standard asking us to get into belief systems such as ‘I’m an unworthy sinner’ and also to act in a particular method to receive Gods love and also approval.

We were shown we didn’t should have the things we were requesting for or wanted which we were unsatisfactory in Gods eyes to get them. We were informed that we had no right to understand or rely on our inner guide as well as wisdom.

Spirituality encourages us to service spiritual self-development as well as take responsibility for our very own lives and connect with the dialogue of our very own heart.

Focus is concentrated on coming to be a loving, all-embracing, healthy, satisfied as well as motivational human who overruns with love for us as well as others, the premise being that if we are whole and also at one with ourselves, then we are full and at one with the cosmos.


Religion has actually never ever been the origin of the human races desolation. Religion as well as spirituality’s core value and message is among love, so certainly the misconception of faith as well as spirituality lies with male.

Faith has been but an instrument, and also it is mans possessing of, and misuse of, which is the concern. Like any type of tool or facility, religious beliefs can be misused as a euphemistic stay with beat man and maintain him from his true fate.

The true message in both methods is among love, and we should all attempt as well as remember this no matter our very own personal views, ideas or faiths.

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What Is Religion?

Religious beliefs has numerous various meanings depending upon what society one originates from.

The sociology of religious beliefs probably started with Al Biruni (973 1048), an Islamic scholar from Persia, who created detailed clinical studies of religious beliefs and societies throughout the Center East, Mediterranean and the Indian sub Continent. He is accorded as the owner of sociology.

Anthropologists have looked at religious beliefs down the ages as well as took a look at the icons that have been venerated, the deities being pietistic, the holy places, temples, churches or even the nature of the gods being promoted. There has actually been a thousand year history in this research. Anthropologists have additional checked out the ethical codes, the ethicalities, the organizational power structures of different religious beliefs to locate a global definition. While there are folk faiths, shamanistic faiths, significant Indian religious beliefs, Abramatic religious beliefs, Taoic religious beliefs and also numerous others, for one reason or another, there is not a single explanation that really specifies what faith is. The dictionaries have not any excellent meanings.

So, allow us take one action back again. That is it that is seeking these religious beliefs. We are. After that what are we? With that said concern answered after that perhaps we could see just what male is trying to do with all these religions. And as the number of religions most likely range right into thousands and also perhaps right into the millions, it is not likely as well as irrational that just one religion is right, and also the others are simply incorrect. So a meaning would certainly need to be all covering.

As stated, dictionaries are not that valuable below. Even older thesaurus. They often tend to focus on divine beings, systems of prayer and so forth. Yet the derivation of the word religion is a great idea. It is Latin, and re suggesting back, and also ligare, suggesting to bind. It implies that religion is a sensations to bind us back to something.

So exactly what is life? Life is that entity-force which we address to as I. It has residential or commercial properties as well as complies with specific legislations that regulate its presence and operation in the physical cosmos.

Faith might after that be explained as a philosophy of knowledge on how the vital force, which we assert as I as well as me, exists, became in, runs or inter-relates within, the physical universe and also just how each life-force associates with each various other, and the meaning even more would certainly include just how that life-force relates to not only the physical world but to the allness or all, the outright everything of every little thing including the full stretch of this as well as any various other universe, and the global designer of developments.

Thats it.

Nick Broadhurst is the Exec Supervisor of the Church of Scientology of Canberra. He has remained in Scientology for 20 years. He operated in Japan for lots of years and also was Chairman of the Globe Council For Religious Flexibility – WCRF. Spiritual Know-how on Scientology, Church of Scientology of Canberra

What happens if God Won’t Answer My Petitions? I’m Assuming Concerning Switching Faiths

I have compassion with you, God hasn’t already answered a whole lot of my prayers and also I do not truly recognize what the factor is behind this. I have heard many individuals tell me that I have to do is pray as well as my prayers will be addressed. I have actually been wishing years and things simply don’t appear to be functioning out that good.

So why will not God answer my petitions? I’m a great person, do every little thing that my religion tells me to do but I’m not making any development and also I am beginning to end up being aggravated. I ‘d also been considering changing to one more religion, one that assures that they can in fact deliver exactly what I’m requesting.

Right here’s an example of something that I have wished in the past and have actually never ever received and also I make certain that lots of people have done something much like this. I merely hoped to, “Have more cash and happiness.” A basic little prayer, but I’m not getting any even more cash and also don’t seem to be any type of better than I was two years earlier.

Here’s what I’m mosting likely to recommend and also it might appear a little harsh, but if your faith is assuring you that you will certainly have a better life or various other points, and also all that is needed for you to do, is merely to believe in your spiritual message and even your god or gods, I would certainly start considering alternate religions.

Place them to the examination and also if they cannot offer positive results, I would certainly start looking for a brand-new religion. If your god isn’t going to address your prayers, exactly what would it hurt to actually check out a few various faiths?

I even got a better concept, why do not you decrease to your library and gather some more info regarding all the religious beliefs all over the world and after that select one. It would be like a buffet with all the religions in the world on the table, and you reach select the very best one.

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Faith And also Scientific research

Trainees taking faith as well as religion create different types of faith documents. For example, the students write research study documents, term documents as well as essays. A lot of students do unknown ways to create religious beliefs documents. This makes it difficulty for the trainees to consist of functions of religion as well as scientific research when writing religious beliefs documents. Additionally, the trainees do not have adequate time to accomplish research when composing faith documents. The trainees are meant to research on features of faith as well as scientific research and include them in the faith documents. Few trainees can executing research study on attributes of science as well as religious beliefs. This has actually impacted the efficiency of the trainees as they do not compose papers that satisfy instructors demands. The majority of instructions require trainees creating faith documents to integrate functions of faith and scientific research in their work. The instructors grade the faith papers inning accordance with the material of the paper. Some trainees do not consist of all the relevant content regarding religion and also scientific research in their papers. Such students obtain low marks as the religion papers do not satisfy teachers need. Trainees that consist of the relevant material regarding religious beliefs and also scientific research in their religious beliefs documents obtain high grades.
Science and religion vary in numerous methods. Likewise, science and also faith are similar in some ways. First, scientific research and also religion differ since scientific research depends on different methods from religious beliefs to clarify the existence of life on the earth. Students are expected to show the difference in between religious beliefs and also science when creating religion documents. This will ensure the documents are inline with trainers requirement.
Furthermore, the pupils must consist of various features of scientific research and also religion in their religious beliefs documents. As an example, pupils ought to include the different approaches made use of to offer concepts or concepts in science and also religion. Religious beliefs and also science have usual attributes. For instance, faith as well as science look for reality. Though, science does not actually look for truth, the principles in science have some fact. On the other hand, religious beliefs searches for fact.
Different religious beliefs like Christians ought to have a clear understanding regarding Christian ideas and also worths. Students must just how scientific research as well as religious beliefs differ in search for truth in their religious beliefs papers. Additionally, the pupils need to show exactly how both science and also religion search for more understanding on certain principles. Likewise, they ought to show how science and religion workout confidence in various methods. As an example, researchers work out belief when lugging out experiments. Using experiments in scientific research is based upon belief. The researchers ought to trust the consistency of nature. Different faiths exercise faith. The pupils ought to explain just how belief adds to Christianity as well as scientific research. In addition, the pupils need to consist of testability as a feature in scientific research and also religious beliefs.
Scientists discover it difficult to clarify some principles. Likewise, religion discovers it difficult some things. The trainees should show why the researchers and also religious beliefs find it difficulty to discuss some concepts in the religion papers. As an example, scientists locate it trouble to explain advancement of organisms. Likewise, faith discovers it difficulty to explain event of discomfort and suffering. The trainees ought to guarantee the faith documents consist of the appropriate functions and also they are sustained utilizing the relevant content. This will certainly assist students rack up high qualities in their faith documents. Additionally, the students will have the ability to supply high quality religious beliefs papers and, therefore fulfill trainers requirement.

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Religious beliefs and National politics

Politics and Faith belongs of the USA political process. In addition, the 1st amendment offers voters of the USA the civil liberty, press, expression of speech as mentioned listed below. This is vital in both State as well as local national politics as well as the basis for voters examining a candidate’s belief system.

“Modification 1 – Civil liberty, Press, Expression. Validated 12/15/1791. Congress will make no regulation respecting an establishment of religious beliefs, or forbiding the totally free exercise thereof; or abridging the liberty of speech, or of journalism; or the right of the people peaceably to put together, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

There is presently an articulated problem over a prospect being a Mormon. Other candidates have religious views that fulfill the Christian and a Catholic ideas. Candidates are presently informing citizens that their religion and also politics will certainly not interfere with the means they control and people need to not be worried. Nevertheless, if adhering to State and a Muslim was a removaling force in routing our United States Politics there would certainly be excellent worry among citizens voting in the key or basic election for 2008. The fact that Islam has a reputation of having radical Muslims in both politics and also religious beliefs promotes doubting of the political prospects religions when they decide to run for presidency, despite the fact that this religious beliefs is enhancing in State across numerous countries.
The reality is when voting for a head of state whether in a basic election or in a main the individual immediately opens their life as much as examination or examining of ideas be it family members beliefs, financial beliefs or faiths.

The realism is, politician beliefs in addition to person ideas help form their opinions and also how they chose to come close to every scenario. This the complete package of what makes a person that they are both excellent as well as bad. This describes exactly how prospects think of their choice or service when browsing the United States National politics It is a responsible voter who questions ones beliefs about the candidate’s faiths as it is concerning their beliefs about financial responsibility and federal government’s function at the same time. Additionally, the USA should never think about a law that prevents any faith for seeking workplace of presidency, not only due to the fact that it remains in our first amendment and would certainly breach our constitution however likewise since as faiths spread out so does the complete restructuring of beliefs of the citizen both in State and regional national politics.

The decision of that will be elected in the USA will always wind up on the shoulders of the citizens and also the Electoral College, hence the voter still owns the United States National politics as long as freedom still has control.

In the long run people do not need to prefer to remain in politics. If they select not to be in national politics their faiths ought to not be examined as long as their ideas do not provoke physical violence among non-believers. If the political leaders religious beliefs are so strong, be it State or local politics they do not desire to share or are unable to review their views after that the candidate ought to not ask to represent me or the citizens of the United States.

An Introduction to World Religions

A religion is generally a set of beliefs pertaining to creation, life and death. There are two kinds of religions; monotheistic and polytheistic. Monotheism is the worship of one God; polytheistic more than one. Monotheistic religions include Judaism, Christianity and Islam (all Abrahamic faiths). Polytheistic includes Hinduism, and various ones certain people had such as the ancient Egyptians, perhaps Native Americans, the Aztecs and the Mayans.

There are different assumptions one may have about how religion in general originated; some might believe that it primarily was a result of people trying to gain control over the general society. On the other hand, certain people may very well believe the claims that “prophets” had about having had communication with “God”, or an angel for instance. There are obviously MANY, MANY different beliefs which were held, and perhaps are held to this day, by many different sorts of people.

Given knowing what religion is, it’s actually difficult to find a great amount of people who are actually religious; in other words, if someone disobeys the “God(s)” he or she claims to believe in, the person is obviously not religious, even if by word of mouth the person is. That can be a VERY common occurrence, and it’s not meant to be taken seriously. There have been certain misrepresentations of belief systems, for whatever possible reason(s). But the people who actually ARE religious are considered by a typical person to be “extremists”, or “radicals”, when actually the person is merely going by his or her own belief system. There were certain people throughout history who were “martyrs”, or were tortured for what they believed in. This is the exact sort of personality ANY religious person is expected to have from their God(s), depending on which (God(s) the religion is about.

Some people might separate the words “Spirituality” and “Religion” in their minds, and others may intertwine them as if they’re the same thing. It seems to be up to you. “Spirituality” seems to pertain significantly to New Age, which basically is a kind of outlook which involves psychic occurrences, astral projection and other things. “Religion” might be thought of as a more traditional way of having beliefs about creation, life and death.

Certain religions have significant similarities, such as Christianity and Judaism, which both include the Old Testament as an authentic set of books, and Christianity and Islam, which both hold certain acknowledgment for Jesus, though according to Christianity he was God, but according to Islam he was a great prophet.

I’m Paul Vrabel, and scroll the Internet to read about topics that may interest me. Check this out!

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Theater and Religion

Much of theatre, and it’s descendants, film and television came out of religious rituals.

Show business was originally, in it’s infancy, story-telling around the campfire, or choral work at religiously significant events. Music, theatre and dance were all used as methods of  harmonizing religious beliefs, or to create organized dialogues with different deities.

Human beings search for answers to existence, destiny and what their small thread on the tapestry of existence meant. We seek meaning in everything. We find patterns. We are organizers. We need form out of chaos. We need to understand.

But perhaps we don’t really need to understand. Perhaps what we really need are comfortable patterns. Perhaps our need for comfortable patterns over rides our desire for truth. Truth, being relative, is elusive anyway. Human kind needs to be part of a hierarchy to feel comfortable. We need the big bang. We need creation. We need someone to not be asleep at the switch. While religion and early theatre gave comfort to the masses with the creation and reinforcement of patterns, such as the choral work at fertility rites in ancient Greece, rituals which would please the Gods and ensure good harvests, there were those who questioned this belief in a patterned existence. Lore has it that one of the chorus, one of the religious collective stepped out and asked the chorus; The Gods, questions. Thespis was speaking for mankind in the guise of an actor.

In a chaotic world without faith or understanding, there is only fear. We need to understand, and if that understanding is only a simple framework that is in place only for now, to be supplanted by something later, so be it. Newtonian physics being supplanted by Einstein’s intuitions. Happens all the time.

Theatre can be a provocative form that poses questions, and many times it does not supply the answers. Theatre is Thespis stepping outside of the chorus and challenging that chorus with his questions.

Theatre peeks at the chaos outside of our comforting patterns. Theatre can also do nothing of the sort. It can reinforce existing assumptions. It can be mindless, or it can be immersed in patterns of its own, such as the patterns inherent in a money-maker, a hit.

One thing church and theatre still share in all cases is the communion shared by priest and performer, minister and musician, rabbi and rabblerouser, with their congregation.. Both are concerned with the human and spiritual condition. Both can inspire, and both can move. Some of the greatest art is created in the service of religious institutions, and some of the greatest spiritual events happen inside the theatre. Form out of chaos. Patterns out of incoherence.

My theatre happens to be in a church.

Charles G. Robertson