10 Things in Technology: What’s New in the iPhone-IBM Power Player


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1. Apple’s next iPhone will include new video and photo features. The new iPhone will be released in October and will include a video version of portrait mode and a filter that uses artificial intelligence. We know that about the next iPhone.

2. Twitter has banned Marjorie Taylor Greene for 7 days. According to the New York Times, Twitter has suspended a Georgia representative over false positives about the vaccine. The fourth – and possibly final – “strike” details on the green.

3. I have the original pitch deck that Android used before Google bought the startup. Google reportedly paid $ 50 million to Android in 2005, making it the top operating system for smartphones. Check out the pitch deck I used to query Google. Also check out the pitch deck database. Companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Postmates.

4. This author’s first road trip in an electric car was almost disastrous, but he bought it anyway. On his trip from New York to Vermont, he came across a rapidly draining battery and multiple charging points. Why he has this experience Don’t frighten him about owning electric vehicles.

5. When working remotely, executives rethink the wellbeing of the company. A startup CEO has hired a full-time personal trainer to provide exercise classes and nutritional advice to employees through Zoom. This is how tech companies are renewing their post-pandemic benefits.

6. Netflix wants you to appear on a successful reality show. Do you want to be in the spotlight? The streaming giant has announced a public offering of 12 of its biggest shows, including Too Hotto Handle and Love is Blind. So apply within 1 minute.

7. Amazon pays up to $ 1,000 to people injured by defective third-party products. Beginning September 1, Amazon will hold harmless US customers harmed or injured by third-party vendors. Please check this out for details.

8. Google blocks ad targeting based on teenage age and gender. Change is happening as other tech giants like Google and Instagram face pressure to protect younger users. Let’s see what else the company does to protect children.

9. A team of 20 power players help the CEO of IBM turn a 110-year-old tech giant inside out. This group is helping Arvind Krishna implement a large-scale cloud turnaround strategy amid leadership turmoil. Meet the leaders who are helping IBM grow into a hybrid cloud superpower.

10. BitClout’s anonymous founder has secured at least $ 40 million from VC tycoons. When people argued over whether the platform was really the future of cryptography, its founder secured millions of investments from companies like Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital. That’s why VC gambled on BitClout.

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