3 Ways to Rethink Employee Engagement with Virtual Event Technology

Changes cannot be transferred to people. The best way to make change is by doing it with them. Build it with them. – Lisa Bodell

Employee engagement was once just a should-have goal and used tactics to “emotionally connect” employees on special occasions and traditional team building activities.

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing companies to throw away playbooks that they have become familiar with. Employee engagement is now a business critical strategy that can affect the company’s growth story in both the short and long term.

Before the pandemic, most employees typically worked in the same office building. The projects they worked on and the people they worked with would more or less determine the culture. Managers and executives could focus on a few, well-defined motivational levers to improve performance.

In the new normal, everyone feels the need to accept hybrid work and adapt to it. From a leadership perspective, they need to find the optimal employee engagement strategy that meets the needs of employees whose work areas and schedules can vary widely. While the challenge is daunting, rapidly evolving technology is here to help you.

Here are 3 ways to rethink employee engagement that inspires and aligns everyone with a common goal:

  1. Organize regular virtual town halls: Interactive townhalls create a sense of community among your employees. A transparent, “all-hands” discussion format enables them to be heard. Virtual town halls can be used to put company goals in context and encourage responsibility and ownership.
  2. Go beyond traditional sales starts (SKOs): Imagine a sales launch that wasn’t a motivation in a 3-day excursion, but an evergreen team connection with more effective training and inspiration. A virtual SKO format allows you to feature external speakers and top sales managers to show that you are investing in their growth.
  3. Iterate and experiment learning from data: Every virtual event gives you the opportunity to derive insights from a sea of data to track employee engagement. What they saw, who they spoke to and what led to greater participation. With these insights, you can personalize future events to make a bigger impact.

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