4DMedical’s unique XV Technology reveals long-term effects of COVID-19

The world’s first four-dimensional visual insight into the lingering effects of COVID-19, or “long-term COVID,” offering patients, clinicians and researchers an unprecedented way to understand the lingering effects of this disease, was achieved with 4DMedical’s unique XV technology.

4DMedical today confirmed that COVID patients have been scanned as part of a comprehensive program of pilot clinical studies in Melbourne to validate the application of this revolutionary technology in the detection and diagnosis of various respiratory diseases and to enable safe longer term monitoring and surveillance of the effects of diseases, including COVID-19.

Developed in Australia, this XV technology offers far better insights into the remaining physiological effects of COVID-19 than can be obtained with mainstream imaging and pulmonary function tests, which may not detect evidence of this widespread condition.

“With XV technology, doctors can pinpoint areas of high and low ventilation in all parts of the lungs and in all phases of breathing,” said Dr. Ray Casciari, a pulmonologist with extensive experience interpreting four-dimensional scans at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, California.

“The resulting ventilation report gives clinicians a color-coded and dynamic visualization of the patient’s lungs, which is complemented by a four-dimensional animation,” added Dr. Casciari added. “This report is extremely clear and easy to understand and I can use it to back up my own analysis and to show the patient the effects of COVID.”

“So far, attention on COVID has mainly focused on the epidemiology of its spread and more recently on the effects of vaccines,” said Dr. Andreas Fouras, CEO of 4DMedical. “Health officials are increasingly focusing on how to assess, understand and treat the ongoing effects of COVID on people affected by the disease.”

Over 166 million people worldwide have endured and recovered from COVID. The potential of 4DMedical’s XV technology to play a role in residual sequelae monitoring is unparalleled, as is our ability to monitor the effectiveness of pharmaceutical and other interventions to treat these residual effects of COVID. Patients and their doctors have never before been able to see lungs with such abundance and detail. “

Dr. Andreas Fouras, CEO, 4DMedical

“Long COVID” is a set of symptoms that last weeks or months after infection and can affect people with mild or even asymptomatic reactions to the disease.

Experts are learning more and more about the short and long-term effects of COVID-19, who is affected and what the residual effects are. This breakthrough in respiratory imaging, announced today, enables faster advances in research and enables more accurate monitoring of individual cases with breakthrough technology as part of treatment and broader clinical trials.