5 Tips to score high in CBSE 2021 Board Exams from Myexam.ai | by MyExam.ai | Nov, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the CBSE Board’s efforts to reduce the syllabus for 2021 Board Exams might go in vain as many learners still have a blurred understanding of the reduced syllabus.

To address this concern, here are 5 tips that will help students score well.

1. Adhere to the Reduced Syllabus

The reduction in syllabus is a hope for students during the pandemic. This can be beneficial only if the students understand the reduced syllabus. Learning from the old books may be a bad plan for achieving good scores. Hence, use Myexam.ai to test yourself on the reduced CBSE syllabus.

2. Adopting Quick Learning Strategies

No matter how reduced the syllabus is, it still instils fear in the minds of many to go through the entire text. Hence, studying from innovative learning techniques like practice exams and self-assessment tests, which help students learn their syllabus through questions, can save a lot of time. One such innovative learning tool, is Myexam.ai.

3. Getting acquainted with the Important Topics

The thought of going through the entire chapter again can be worrisome for students. Hence, taking a quick self-assessment test on the topic can come handy for quick learning and revision at the end. So, you can highlight the key topics and take practice exams with Myexam.ai.

4. Practice and an eye towards Commonly Made Errors

Many a times, students are unable to perform to their best even after knowing all the answers. There are many grammatical or content mistakes done by the students. Training the mind to avoid repetition of past mistakes through practice can act as a catalyst in achieving learning goals. The students should solve Myexam.ai self-assessment tests to avoid such errors and be better prepared for their exams. Students are provided with a report from Myexam.ai, for students to identify their errors.

5. Scheduling is the key

Always follow a systematic strategy while studying. Burdening your mind with lots of thoughts and formulae may lead you to lose your focus. Make a daily achievable target and avoid overdoing things. Chapter-wise practice exams from Myexam.ai can help you form the most simplified pattern of studying for high scores.


Board Exam Preparations can be unsettling for many students, but a selection of the right study strategy and material can make all the difference. With artificial intelligence based self-assessment tests for CBSE students, Myexam.ai aims to provide the best practice exams, to simplify students’ learning and make them best prepared for their board exams.


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