5 ways technology makes home maintenance easier | Lifestyles

Since life is very busy, it’s nice to have one less thing to think about like adding the salt to your water softener. Learn more about how the Connected Salt Level Sensor works at

3. Use your digital calendar for home reminders

Similar to maintaining the salinity of your water softener, it can be difficult to remember when to check your smoke alarm’s batteries, when to get your gutters cleaned, or when to do other annual or semi-annual maintenance.

Make the most of your digital calendar by entering all of these items regularly so that you never forget one of these important tasks. You can rest assured that you are up to date on all important safety and maintenance tasks.

4. Learn how to use programmable functions

From your smart thermostat to programmable lights to a security system, once you learn how to use them, you will appreciate their benefits.

If you program your thermostat so that the temperature of your house remains constant – at night and when you are away – you save money and energy and thus protect your wallet and the environment. By “setting and forgetting” it, you avoid family disputes over turning the heating or air conditioning up and down.

And if you can program your lighting and security system to protect your home, especially when you can’t be there, you have even more security.