Advisor Team Joins Ameriprise for Best-in-Class Technology Capabilities

MINNEAPOLIS – () –Lionheart Asset Management, a consulting firm managing nearly $ 200 million in client assets, joined the Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (NYSE: AMP) independent channel of AXA Advisors in New York, New York. Financial advisor Anthony DeAngelo leads the team, which also includes consultants Frank D’Erasmo and Samuel Dicoccoand assistant to the management Aneta Szatkowski. The team found Ameriprise to be best placed to deliver the digital experience they wanted for their clients and the future growth of their practice.

“Ameriprise has what we want for every customer – clearly documented goals and the solutions to achieve them are displayed on one easily accessible platform,” he said DeAngelowho has a decade of industry experience. “In addition, Ameriprise has the most comprehensive product platform that was important to us as we value customers who have access to a variety of solutions to help them achieve their unique goals.”

DeAngelo’s team selected Ameriprise after reviewing many independent companies over the past six months. Not only did Ameriprise support an improved customer experience, but it was also characterized by the flexibility to create its own team culture and expand the team to attract new consultants and customers.

DeAngelo considered her future growth plans and said, “The integration with Ameriprise’s technology platform is powerful. This increases efficiency and gives my team the opportunity to come into contact with customers even more often and to win new customers. And we will have time to prioritize recruiting the right seasoned consultants and individuals looking to change their careers to join our practice. Once these consultants are here, the integrated system helps them create efficient workflows from day one. ”

Lionheart Wealth Management was founded in 2017 and primarily looks after executives and employees of large auditing / consulting firms, financial service providers, large law firms and listed companies as clients. The team is supported by the Ameriprise Field Vice President Glenn Flego.

Ameriprise continued to attract seasoned, productive consultants. Around 1,700 employees have joined the company in the last 5 years.1 To find out why seasoned financial advisors come to Ameriprise, visit

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1 Ameriprise Financial 2020 10-K.