Agri tech firm AgNext to assess Lakadong turmeric using curcumin testing technology

Agricultural technology company AgNext Technologies, in partnership with Spice bar of India has its innovative Curcumin testing technology to assess Lakadong turmericthat is grown in the Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya. This is the first time in Meghalaya that AI-based technology will be used to quickly assess the quality of Lakadong turmeric, the company said in a press release.

In addition, the Spices Board and the turmeric farmers have access to the AI-enabled SaaS platform “Qualix”, which will help digitize quality, gain critical insights and enable traceability across the entire supply chain.

Lakadong turmeric is considered to be one of the world’s highest quality turmeric with a high curcumin content (between 7-12%), compared to other turmeric varieties, where the average curcumin content is between 3-5%.

AgNext’s technical solutions were used in the Turmeric Processing Unit (TPU) in the Thadlaskein horticultural center. Here, AgNext’s curcumin assessment solution is operated by women farmers who are affiliated with self-help groups (SHGs).

Taranjeet Singh Bhamra, CEO & Founder, talks about providing: AgNext Technologies said, “Meghalaya’s Lakadong turmeric is known worldwide for its highest curcumin content and we are proud to partner with Spices Board as a quality partner to digitize the quality of this unique variety of turmeric. Traditional turmeric testing time can be hours, and depending on the distance, it can even take days for test results to come back. This leads to a loss of time and resources for both farmers and traders. Quick quality tests help to reduce these losses by analyzing the curcumin content in less than 1 minute. ”