Air Purification Technology Installed at Big Island School to Stem Spread of COVID-19

Installing new air purification technology adds another layer of security to a Big Island school as it prepares to welcome students for in-person tuition for the 2021-22 school year.

Hawaii-based ABC Corporation has installed ultraviolet air purification (UVC) devices at Nā’ālehu Elementary School and several schools on O’ahu to help contain the spread of COVID-19.

Installed in ceilings, these beehive-like devices purify the air over an area of 1,000 square meters. Units were installed in Nā’ālehu’s cafeteria and gym.

The technology has been proven in Japan to kill germs in the air. It is already being used on the country’s high-speed trains, airports and other public places.

“As schools and businesses keep bringing more people back for personal work, this technology is the perfect way to keep everyone safe. It’s an invisible technology with visible results, ”said Harris Nakamoto, ABC Corporation director of innovation and marketing.


Each of the air purification units installed costs about $ 6,500. ABC Corporation has partnered with other Hawaii public schools to provide bacteriological testing, bio-risk assessment information, and training for their supervisors.


ABC Corporation, founded in Honolulu in 1933, is the exclusive US distributor of air purification and surface protection technology, available nationwide on all islands. The company has also installed the technology in various stores, restaurants, unions, banks, and other businesses on Oahu.

The company has also installed UVC air cleaning units in the tape room and locker rooms at Farrington High School on O’ahu, with additional units planned to be installed in the Farrington cafeteria. Kalani High School had similar units installed in their tape room, while Waipahu Elementary received mobile units to hold indoor meetings in their cafeteria, library, and elsewhere.

ABC Corporation has also partnered with Honowai Elementary School to provide school principal Kent Matsumura and his staff with a triple security system that includes UVC air purification units, a nano-platinum catalytic protective coating on the surfaces, and a hospital grade registered by the Environmental Protection Agency and food grade disinfectants used for Honowai’s cafeteria.


ABC Corporation also offers invisible nano-platinum technology that creates a long-lasting, protective antibacterial and antiviral barrier that is especially helpful for keeping high-touch areas such as door handles, toilet taps, and table tops clean.

The corrosion-resistant coating lasts up to two years and is therefore ideal for workplaces, restaurants and other high-traffic areas. Following COVID-19 cases, facilities have benefited from treatment by avoiding prolonged and widespread shutdowns and instead experiencing targeted rapid cleaning.