Andre Agassi highlights importance of technology in education

Eight-time Grand Slam champion Andre Agassi in conversation with CNBC-TV18 Managing Editor Shereen Bhan has highlighted the role technology played in ensuring education for children was not impacted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The pandemic has highlighted the significance of using technology for education,” he said and added, “This pandemic has highlighted the fact that we don’t have to explain what problem we are solving. Everybody now knows that we better get on with new innovative ways to educate our future because whether it is a pandemic or something else we have to figure out how to reach every child because children don’t fail us, we fail them.”

“Technology definitely has a role. I was little bit ahead of the curve with my school fund and thank God five years ago we started doing what we are doing now because it’s so relevant,” he explained.

The tennis legend also talked about his favourite person in the sport and his relationship with Novak Djokovic.

In terms of the best player at present, he said, “If you took the three best to talk about, obviously Roger, Rafa and Novak — it’s different to say who has the best career and it’s different to say when somebody is playing their best, who is the best. We have the best on grass courts with Roger, we have the best on clay, we have the best on hard courts, let’s take them in and turn them in, make them play each other a hundred times and I will give you the answer.”

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