Apple announces groundbreaking new iPhone technology

New details from Apple reveal powerful new camera technology that could power the iPhone in the future.

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The newly filed patent reveals technology Apple may soon use to take iPhone photos to the next level.

The· patent Describes the design of a new periscope lens that can ultimately give the iPhone state-of-the-art telephoto and zoom capabilities. Perispic lenses save space and reduce camera bulging by placing the lens components on the side of the housing instead of stacking them back and forth.

More importantly, such a design bridges the large quality gap between Apple’s flagship product and many competing smartphone cameras that currently offer superior zoom performance with periscope lenses. Useful for.

For example DxomarkThe test results give the iPhone 12 Pro Max a tele value of 87 points. However, competing products such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (98 points), Huawei P40 Pro (118 points) and Xiaomi’s Mi 10 Ultra (133 points) offer a significantly better performance. All of these models already use periscope lenses and clearly outperform the iPhone in this important area.

Hence, the new periscopic camera has the potential to bring significant and necessary improvements to the iPhone in 2023. As expected From renowned industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple’s new design looks a little different than what we’ve seen on the competition. While periscopic telephoto lenses usually offer up to 10x higher optics, Apple’s new design offers a large aperture of f / 2.4 with a moderate 3x zoom, which is typical for standard non-perispic modules. Represents.

This indicates a slightly different use case, in which the focus is more on outstanding image quality than on an extended optical zoom range. Of course, it can be combined with a second telecamera with a high-magnification camera that Apple already has. Existing patent..

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Apple announces groundbreaking new iPhone technology

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