Are Robots Going To Steal Our Jobs? | by J.R. Flaherty | Nov, 2020

Three human values to keep technocrats awake at night

Photo by Tomas Robertson on Unsplash

Jobs are disappearing and will continue to disappear. Beyond factory work, robots are now appearing in fast-food restaurants and even as receptionists and doctors. But will this automation go too far? Can we afford to lose any jobs in the current economic climate?

The mighty combine harvester replaced thousands of agricultural workers, the ATMs dispensed with cashiers, and the industrial robots replaced blue-collar stalwarts on the production line. For centuries, technology has made us more productive and increased our capabilities.

There is no reason why this should not continue, as automation takes away so very many of the dullest jobs from humans. But suppose we don’t prepare for this. In that case, we could find ourselves in a world where only a few elite engineers work alongside vast armies of unemployed people whose existence is dependent on state handouts and an elevated lifestyle funded by taxes.

Automation and artificial intelligence could lead to the disappearance of jobs in the future. But AI and robots are struggling to replace humans at work fully. Job changers might even become a new kind of professional with a hybrid set of skills.

Artificial intelligence can make sense of huge amounts of unstructured data, think abstractly, and even teach itself. Will AI-based technology make your job redundant?

Let’s explore three human values that are difficult for replicate.


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