Automation, technology and robots, how the job industry is expanding

ATHENS, Wisconsin (WSAW) – The pandemic has caused many companies to look for workers, but Miltrim Farms in Athens has found a way to alleviate the identified shortage.

Technology is spreading in ways that people may never have thought of. However, Miltrim Farms is bringing in more robots to expand its robotic milking system.

“We decided to switch to milking robots for a number of reasons,” said General Manager David Trimner. “One of the big factors is of course the work, it is becoming more and more difficult to find people, especially milking cows. We felt like we wanted to get robots to ensure that safety. ”Trimner said it also brings different types of jobs that can be more fulfilling for people.

Regional economist Mitchell Rupp said automation and technology are the new, emerging ways to get work done and save money.

“Automation is a trend that is on the rise, but especially during the pandemic,” said Rupp.

Miltrim Farms started developing the robotic milking system in 2019. Since then, the company has found that the robots are more efficient and save money. So it is being expanded. Trimner monitors the operation and the effectiveness of the robots.

“We currently have 18 running and we will have 12 more that we will start next week,” said Trimer.

The system enables the cows to feel comfortable during milking.

“The milking parlor is outside by the cows,” said Trimber. “So that they can do what they want, whenever they want. If you want milk, you can. If you want to lie down, you can. “

He said it also allows workers to pay more attention to the cows where it is needed. Automation and technology lead the industry with a competitive advantage.

“As we see labor costs keep rising, all farms have to compete with the Amazons of the world, the Walmarts, and they keep raising tariffs,” Trimner said.

Nobody may know what the future holds, but technology is evolving every day.

“What companies can do to continue to attract workers and keep workers would be to plan their wages and benefits flexibly and also try to build pipelines with training providers and really have to scale up the workers they currently have,” said Rupp.

Speaking of the agribusiness, Trimner said, “The robots are definitely paying off and we feel like the industry and the world are going there in terms of technology.”

Trimner also says he knows other farms in the area that use robots. He said robots could help smaller farmers finish milking so they can spend more time in the fields or with their families.

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