B2B technology marketing: are you ready for 5G?

Despite the fact that 5G accounted for just 5 percent of worldwide mobile subscriptions by the end of 2020, according to GlobalData research, Ericsson’s 2021 Mobility Report suggests that if uptake continues at the current rate, it is still on track to be the world’s fasted adopted network technology. In fact, it predicts that 5G coverage will reach around 60 percent of the world’s population and carry 53 percent of mobile data traffic by 2026, with 3.5 billion 5G-connected devices. 

As 5G uptake grows, so does the opportunity for B2B technology companies to utilize this, not only in their products and business operations, but also to support their marketing. While it is still early days for 5G, thinking about its future potential to aid marketing and improve customer experience can ensure that businesses are in the best position to act when the time is right, and benefit from being among the first to harness its potential.

Key benefits of 5G for customer experience