BIOMODEX Technology Enables New Milestone in Interventional Cardiology

BOSTON, July 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – BIOMODEX®, the leading provider of biorealistic haptic simulators for patient-specific rehearsal and physician training, announced today that its LAACS ™ (Left Atrial Appendage Closure System) solution was used to run a simulation prior to a live case taking place at the TVT Structural Heart Summit in. is presented Miami, Florida.

Doctors at the Montreal Heart Institute in Montreal, Quebec recently first tried in the complete left atrial appendage occlusion (LAAO) procedure North America with a biorealistic haptic simulator. This breakthrough came from Dr. Reda Ibrahim (interventional cardiologist), Dr. Blandine Mondesert (electrophysiologist) and Dr. Walid Ben Ali (Cardiac surgeon) using a 3D printed replica of the patient’s heart. This replica is part of a novel simulator that provides realistic catheter navigation, haptic feedback, transesophageal echography and fluoroscopy.

“The sample for one particular case was very helpful – especially one where we used innovative technologies like Abbott’s new steerable introducer sheath for the Amplatzer Amulet Occluder and the VersaCross Baylis Transseptal System,” said Dr. Ibrahim. “With this realistic simulation, we were able to maximize process success and safety.”

For this case, Biomodex printed a patient-specific 3D anatomy of the heart based on the patient’s own CTA images. The models are made from advanced materials that simulate the biomechanical properties and haptic feedback of the anatomy. In addition, the LAACS station replicates blood flow and viscosity and is ultrasound compatible. The simulation is intended to increase the doctor’s trust, shorten operating times and reduce the risk of complications.

Cardiovascular transcatheter therapies have changed the treatment landscape and expanded the options for patients with structural heart disease.

“Trying these novel approaches using a patient-specific anatomical model should better prepare physicians and potentially improve patient outcomes,” said Ziad Rouag, President and Chief Executive Officer of Biomodex. “It was an honor to support Dr. Ibrahim and his team.”

The rehearsal and subsequent live patient procedure were performed and recorded at the Montreal Heart Institute. Dr. Ibrahim and his team present their live case at TVT 2021: The structural heart summit on 22nd of July of 9:30 am to 10:10 am EDT (LAA Live Case # 20: Update of the left atrial appendage occlusion). To register, visit To learn more about Biomodex LAACS ™, visit

About Biomodex
BIOMODEX® is a leader in biorealistic haptic simulators and is based in Paris and Boston. Based on standardized patient-specific medical imaging, Biomodex has developed a unique and improved 3D printing solution (3D) for patient-specific samples and training of doctors, which combines biomechanics and fluid dynamics (4D) as well as imaging properties (5D). The Biomodex solution offers a tailor-made end-to-end medical experience. The solution is fully integrated into the imaging and procedural workflow, very portable and easy to use. Uploading images, ordering and fast delivery are made easier by a web-based portal that allows customers to maintain their own portfolio. The solution is expected to result in lower procedural and hospital costs as well as improved acute and chronic outcomes. Biomodex has successfully commercialized several products for neurovascular and structural cardiac applications and is rapidly expanding its product portfolio through the application of its core technologies.

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