Brierley Puts Customers First with a Next-Gen Technology Platform

FRISCO, Texas – () –Brierley, a leader in customer loyalty and retention, today announced the latest transformation in customer loyalty. True to its mission to transform loyalty, Brierley has completely updated its loyalty management platform. LoyaltyOnDemand® is still the best loyalty platform out there, and now it’s also the most powerful and easiest to use.

“Brierley is growing rapidly around the world as brands seek to build more meaningful relationships with their best customers. Loyalty is developing in new and interesting ways in different economies around the world. Our global customers demand sophistication and flexibility from us. For this reason, Brierley continues to develop and expand the LoyaltyOnDemand functions. “- John Pedini, CMO, Brierley

The features and benefits of LoyaltyOnDemand® include:

  • It is the platform from which one cannot outgrow. Whether you are looking for an easily configurable or a highly customized loyalty program, LoyaltyOnDemand® can do everything.

  • Program management has never been easier. A brand new user interface makes self-service configuration of a loyalty program and promotions quick and easy. The insights and analytics tools are now built into the platform to maximize value for both the Power Campaign user and marketer.

  • With companies seeing an astronomical rise in e-commerce and a global audience, companies are developing global loyalty needs. LoyaltyOnDemand® can help companies create multiple loyalty programs for multiple brands in any part of the world.

The latest version of LoyaltyOnDemand is available now. It offers a wide range of price points that are perfect for any business, whether it’s a self-service or a fully managed loyalty solution. For more information visit

About Brierley

Brierley is the industry leader, transforming loyalty around the world. Our focus is on converting customer challenges into successful and profitable loyalty program solutions. Brierley brings together innovative thought leaders, unparalleled expertise and advanced technology to help brands win customers’ hearts and minds. In addition to our evolutionary platform LoyaltyOnDemand®, Brierley offers the full range of services to achieve unparalleled loyalty success: program design, strategy, research, analysis, customer insights, creative and digital solutions.

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Brierley is headquartered in Frisco, TX with offices around the world. For more information on Brierley, see