BVSD completes school technology ‘sweeps’ to prep for fall

The nine-person Boulder Valley School District IT team and two interns walked through every classroom and office at Centaurus High School in Lafayette Wednesday to test audio systems, blow dust out of projectors, and check phones.

Then they moved to Angevine and Louisville Middle Schools and repeated the process. The team plans to go through each district school before teachers return in August.

“She makes sure that everything is in order for the school year,” says Clarissa Nielsen, on-site service manager at BVSD. “We finish every school faster and faster. The team has become very efficient. “

Derek Geist, right, was part of the team that checked the IT equipment. (Cliff Grassmick / employee photographer)

About a dozen problems are usually recorded at each school so that they can be fixed before students return. All desktop computers that are over five years old also have an “end-of-life” sticker – if they stop working, IT won’t fix them. Instead, teachers have to upgrade to their Chromebooks, which are swapped out every five to six years.

The summer tech sweeps also serve as a team building opportunity, Nielsen said. The district’s technicians, who are typically assigned six to seven buildings during the school year, work together to progress through the high and middle schools.

“It’s good to have the camaraderie,” said Deborah Williams, a BVSD IT technician. “We’re kind of isolated (during the school year).”

She added that now with the craziness of the school year it is easier to make sure everything is okay.

“It’s incredibly difficult to teach without these components,” she said. “That’s one thing to make it a little easier in the fall.”

The team was also supported on Wednesday by two IT interns from the district, who both graduated in May and are doing their second summer as interns.

Sophie Russ, who graduated from Centaurus and will study at California Polytechnic State University, and Amy Bowers, who studies at Fairview and studies at University of Colorado Boulder, spent the majority of their internship fixing Chromebooks that were dated District were issued.

During the school year, they worked Mondays and Saturdays, replacing broken screens, dead batteries, broken keyboards, and broken microphones. In addition to repairs, they helped set up the Chromebooks that the district is making available to students.

Bowers said it was “very scary” to unscrew the bottom of the Chromebook at first. But now she said, “I see it and just want to take it apart. I love to take things apart and put them back together again. “

She plans to study business administration and is considering a career that involves technology.

“I’m very interested in technology,” she said. “It challenges you.”