castLabs supports Huawei WisePlay DRM across streaming technology to extend content reach

BERLIN, August 25, 2021 / PRNewswire / – castLabs, a global pioneer in digital video delivery technology, announced support for Huawei Technologies’ WisePlay digital rights management (DRM) system to enable streaming services to reach a wider range of devices with premium secure content.

WisePlay is now integrated into castLabs’ range of video delivery solutions, including the scalable DRM today Cloud licensing service. DRMtoday helps streaming companies adopt monetized services quickly while protecting their valuable media assets by providing studio-approved security for online, offline and live playback. WisePlay complements the DRMtoday security system list in addition to Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady and Apple’s FairPlay Streaming DRM for OTT services and Widevine CAS for PayTV operators. Current and future customers can now securely deliver protected media content to Huawei phones and tablets running EMUI or HarmonyOS smart TVs compatible with WisePlay.

“Working with castLabs was a great experience,” said James Xu, Head of the Consumer Cloud Service and Video Business department, HUAWEI video. “We believe that a whole new customer base will now benefit from the availability of WisePlay DRM together with castLabs within our combined secure, scalable solution.”

ChinaDRM is an open DRM standard based on cryptographic industry standards and used to authorize certificates so that devices from different manufacturers can securely connect to DRM services. Based on the ChinaDRM core initiative, Huawei developed WisePlay for natively integrated media protection on their own branded devices. It supports a range of features to meet stringent studio requirements, including execution at the software or hardware security level, as well as a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) on supported devices to enable high quality UHD and HDR content. The DRM system can also be used with MPEG-DASH and HLS streaming formats as well as the Common Encryption (CENC) standard.

“As the landscape of protecting content continues to change, we are committed to helping businesses adapt to change by removing barriers and making delivery as accessible as possible,” said Bryce Pedersen, Global marketing strategy at castLabs. “We’re excited to add great value by integrating WisePlay as part of our easy-to-use, cost-saving technology that serves billions of licenses every year. Our customers can now securely deliver amazing experiences that audiences will love on even more devices, with premium content that plays anywhere. ”

castLabs’ PRESTOplay The player now also comes with built-in WisePlay support, which makes it easy to publish secure streaming apps to Huawei’s AppGallery. Developers can quickly build EMUI and HarmonyOS apps with enhanced user experiences, including the latest player features and performance improvements that accelerate deployment and reduce development costs.

PRESTOplay also enables the automatic use of Widevine or PlayReady DRM-processed content with WisePlay licensing. Existing media libraries do not have to be changed, as PRESTOplay dynamically generates a WisePlay PSSH box on the client side based on existing content data. In this way, media encrypted with Widevine and PlayReady can be streamed securely on the fly, which further helps customers to efficiently deliver to Huawei devices.

castLabs’ Video toolkit Cloud service that quickly encodes, packages, watermarks, and encrypts VOD content into ready-to-stream DRM-enabled formats also includes support for generating WisePlay-compatible file sets.

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