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Six Women In Technology (WIT) award winners were selected at a live virtual event held at the Technology Council (TCCP) in central Pennsylvania last week.

This year’s Virtual Women In Tech Awards conclude a two-part virtual celebration with five people.NS Anniversary of the Central Pennsylvania Technology Council, an ongoing effort to celebrate innovators, role models, pioneers, and inspiring women within the regional technology community.

Ann Hughes, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Central PA Technology Council, reiterated the value of the event in her opening remarks. Those who overcome the stereotypes associated with technology work and success while providing them and their allies / supporters with additional training and support, we can continue to help change that story. .. ”

The categories and winners of this year’s Women In Tech Awards are:

Mary-Angela Kenny This year’s WITIMPACT AWARD – Private Sector / Medium to Large Business Award. The award recognizes women in the technology industry who have worked in the private sector / medium to large corporate markets (companies with more than 50 employees). Mary-Angela Kenney is Vice President of Innovation & Technology at Fenner Precision Polymers in Mannheim, PA.

She is responsible for developing and executing global business research and development and engineering initiatives. In her 35 years as an executive, she has led organizations and teams to drive new product launches, drive process improvements, and advance technology for several global companies.

Kate Gallagher

Kate Gallagher was awarded this year’s WIT IMPACT AWARD – Entrepreneurship for the private sector / medium-sized businesses. The award recognizes women in the technology industry whose contributions have had a positive impact on the entrepreneur / small business sector (companies with fewer than 50 employees). Kate Gallagher is the chief operating officer of Advanced Metrics, Mount Building, Pennsylvania.

Kate received the Central Pen Business Journal Under 40 Award for business leaders who work on business growth, professional excellence, and community service.

Sue Mukelzy

DR. Sue Mukaji Awarded this year’s WITIMPACT AWARD – PUBLIC SECTOR / GOVERNMENT. This award recognizes women in the technology industry whose contributions have influenced the public sector / government. Dr. Mukherjee is Senior Vice President, Strategy and Academic Achievement at the University of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.

Her services include the establishment of the Executive Leadership Academy, the support of the university certification process, the creation of a data-supported platform for strategies for competence building and the introduction of a state-of-the-art platform for evaluation and institutional effectiveness. Increase.

Lindsey Chimel

Lindsey Chimel won this year’s WIT DIVERSITY & INCLUSION AWARD. This award recognizes an individual’s proactive commitment to the integration and diversity of technologies. Lindsey Chimel is a Senior Data Analyst at Parsons Corporation.

Lindsey and her team develop company-wide reporting and analysis solutions for HR, finance, internal auditing and supplier management. More recently, Lindsey has led the development of reporting solutions with AI / ML capabilities that deliver over $ 200 million ROI.

Melissa Wall

Melissa Wall won this year’s WIT NEXT GEN AWARD. This award honors young women who make a difference in technology in our region. Melissa Wall is a Senior Software Engineer with Industrial Resolution based in Lancaster, PA.

Melissa is involved in the Make717 Maker Space and in the community and supports students interested in STE (A) M careers by attending job fairs, alumni events, job shadowing, mentoring and more. Increase.

Carol Wellington

doctor Carol Wellington wins this year’s WIT MOXIE AWARD.. This award recognizes pioneers who paved the way for other women in technology. Dr. Wellington is Professor of Software Engineering at the University of Shippensberg in Shippensberg, Pennsylvania.

Their courses leverage their industry and academic experience, and through partnerships with industry leaders such as Deloitte, Volvo and NASA, students immerse themselves in hands-on learning and provide hands-on engineering experience. When she saw the potential of Ship, she changed Ship’s computer science program and expanded it from a small department to a new engineering department offering five engineering disciplines. Today Ship can provide the same hands-on technical experience to all types of engineers.

Caitlin Coriccho and Clair Cuvo have won this year’s Women InTech scholarship. Caitlin is a third year student at Bucknell University and Claire is a sophomore at Elizabethtown College.

The TCCP awards WIT grants to encourage women to continue to excel in technology-related areas such as computers, engineering, and life sciences. At this year’s WIT Awards, two scholarships ($ 1,500 and $ 1,000) were awarded.

Caitlin Colicchio

Caitlin Coricco I am studying biomedical engineering.she She plans a career where she can work on improving and designing inexpensive prostheses for children.

Claire Kubo

Claire Kubo I am studying environmental engineering. She wants to use her education to create a better and greener future by promoting the use of renewable energies and sustainable technologies. As we show the world that everyone deserves to be an engineer.

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