Collaboration Tools, Technology, and Tips

Collaboration tools, technologies that people use to work with one another, are useful for law firms of all sizes and they don’t have to break the bank! These tools help lawyers communicate, discuss, create and edit documents, share files, and other activities interacting as part of a law firm.

Collaboration tools can include Zoom and Microsoft Teams for meetings, Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat for collaborating on documents, or tools like Box, Dropbox or OneDrive for file sharing.

On Balance presenters Molly Ranns and JoAnn Hathaway welcome Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell to hear their many insights into collaborative technologies. They give tips on determining needs, choosing the right tools and introducing new technologies into the processes of your law firm.

Check out Dennis and Tom’s book: The Lawyers Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies: Smart Ways to Collaborate and her podcast: The Kennedy-Mighell Report.

Dennis Kennedy is an Ann Arbor, Michigan based information technology attorney and a pioneer in legal technology.

Tom Mighell is currently a Senior Consultant at Contoural, Inc. working with companies to improve their records management and e-discovery practice.