‘Cool’ isn’t necessarily useful when it comes to car technology

Brian Boyer

I am stuck with a rental car (unfortunately my normal vehicle is in the shop). This car has a lot of cool features.

I can micromanage the climate control, manage multiple Bluetooth connections, change and manage my favorite radio stations and receive directional help directly via a sophisticated touchscreen.

Since this screen handles it all, there are very few buttons or buttons to worry about. It’s a very clean dashboard and has a nice looking touchscreen interface. The only problem is, I hate driving this car.

The car as a car is fine. It drives well, has a solid engine, and most of all it stops when I want it to stop. What I really don’t like about this car is the touchscreen interface. It looks cool, is chic, and does a lot of stuff (seriously, my list above barely scratches the surface of what it can do).