creating a digital onboard environment

In the digital transformation of the maritime sector, entertainment, shopping and contactless technologies have been developed. The introduction of new technologies on board cruise ships is intended to improve not only the passenger experience but also that of the crew – from film streaming to contactless room service.

Moment provides a range of entertainment, connectivity and e-commerce services for the travel industry that provide passengers with a “home from home” experience. Services include wireless entertainment, e-shopping, itinerary information and room service aimed at improving the standard of living on board ships and responding to travelers’ requests for entertainment and communication technology.

Yves Laffiché, Director Customer Experience, explained the technology available to passengers and how this technology can generate additional income for maritime companies.

Credit: Wait a minute

Frankie Youd (FY): Can you tell me something about the company and its involvement in the industry?

Yves Laffiché (YL): Moment is a company that specializes in passenger experience solutions. Moment’s digital platforms are designed to improve passenger comfort and provide access to a wide range of in-flight services. The modes of transport are changing and the Covid-19 context has accelerated this transformation.

While aviation has long been innovation-oriented with the use of in-flight connectivity, the maritime sector needs to improve its performance and offer attractive services to its customers. This is a particularly important step for cruise companies, as the already unique and unforgettable experience on board is expected to increasingly respond to the new digital uses and habits of passengers.

Digitization at sea can be complex, but the solutions from Moment create new value for passengers and crew. The ability to offer maritime businesses a bespoke solution that focuses on both technological performance and convenience is key to transforming an off-grid cruise vacation into a connected, technology-driven experience.

FY: What onboard technology can Moment bring to the cruise industry?

YL: Moment’s solution is a digital platform that is seamlessly available on all mobile devices and enables passengers to access high-quality content and services such as entertainment streaming, onboard shopping and travel information in real time with just a few clicks.

The solution was developed to improve on-board service, increase passenger satisfaction at sea and at the same time accelerate the digitization of cruise ships. Moment offers cruise companies an agile and flexible product that includes many modules and enables better personalization throughout the journey.

The solution is easy to deploy and manage at any scale, and it can be easily integrated with third-party devices. The solution can be run on any existing hardware after a device compatibility check by the team. As an offline service, the system currently works as a “local intranet” and does not use integrated Internet broadband. However, it can also be integrated into a connectivity solution to enable internet access.

Moment is also focused on building a more agile and secure passenger experience and aims to accelerate the delivery of the Internet of Things (IoT). We see technology as an opportunity for innovation by developing sensors and IoT platforms for smart cabins that offer new possibilities in terms of communication and services.

FY: Can crew members access this technology as well as passengers?

YL: It is important for cruise lines to consider the needs of both passengers and crew. When the crew is away from home for several months, they can feel isolated at sea. However, they play a vital role in delivering the high quality service that passengers expect.

The cruise industry therefore needs to review conditions on board the crew more than ever in order to respond to their expectations and improve their well-being at sea. This is an essential requirement for optimal productivity. This type of solution can also enable increased attractiveness for these jobs and receive a high level of commitment and commitment from the crew.

FY: How can this technology generate additional revenue for maritime companies?

YL: Our solutions are fully designed to offer new revenue opportunities. Our customers generally use our platform to increase their competitiveness and generate new revenue. If necessary, we can turn our platform into a financially profitable service.

We leverage side income in a number of ways: on-board sales, programmatic advertising, content monetization, and data lead generation.

In addition, we have an integrated payment module that enables a seamless payment experience from order to purchase.

FY: What are the main benefits for passengers and cruise lines?

YL: Moment helps cruise companies create a rich and memorable onboard digital experience that increases brand awareness, generates additional revenue, while driving operational efficiencies. Our solution is easy to implement and gives the operator a working solution in less than a month.

Moment’s platform enables passengers to experience an improved feeling of living on board with a friendly solution that is adapted to today’s lifestyle. The variety of services available make it an indispensable in-flight service for passengers looking for entertainment and information, interested in shopping, or communicating with crew members.

FY: Is this technology currently being used in the cruise industry?

YL: The solution is used by Corsica Linea, the leading operator in the Mediterranean. Following a customer-centric strategy, the company was looking for a solution for its fleet to add value to customers’ journeys and increase onboard satisfaction with an unparalleled experience and quality service.

In a few months our service will be installed at a US maritime operator. We will publish more information shortly.