Curt G. Joa Introduces ESC-8 Machine Technology – Nonwovens Industry Magazine

Curt G. Joa, Inc. introduces its patent-pending ESC-8 technology, the latest innovation in the flexibility of resizing products. The ESC-8 technology increases the combination possibilities of product and indexable insert, the electronic format change functions and the speed. The ESC-8 technology offers annual savings in material costs and replacement hardware for size changes and can be integrated into existing machines with minimal downtime, regardless of the original manufacturer.

ESC-8 technology improves and simplifies product features to improve product quality. The product supplement is only transferred once when it is placed on the chassis track, so that unnecessary waste is avoided. The adhesive is applied to the end of the product insert, which minimizes the risk of loose ends. The adhesive is also applied directly to the insert sheet, which greatly reduces the risk of exposed adhesive on the product insert.

This technology enables the user to configure almost endless combinations of shelf length and width as well as chassis spacing at high speeds at the push of a button. ESC-8 technology offers a wide range of chassis product spacings, electronic chassis spacing changes, tool-less insert spacing changes, and full machine speeds for all sizes.

In addition, the company has presented a modernized company logo that retains the essence of the brand and its long history of quality, while at the same time setting the course for Joa’s transition into the future. The logo features an updated version of the shield of its old logo and symbolizes its ongoing commitment to protecting its customers’ reputations through world class, high quality sanitary processing machinery.