Discovering Technology Treasures Expo by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs

Taipei, Taiwan – () – In adaptation to the times of a pandemic, TIE Taiwan Innovative Technology Expo 2021 will be held online as a virtual exhibition from October 14-23. From hundreds of technology development programs (TDPs), the Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT) has selected 81 technology R&D outputs (68 TDP technologies and 13 TDP-incubated innovative technologies) to be showcased at the TIE Discovering Technology Treasures Expo should. The selected technologies are innovative, groundbreaking and bring upgrade solutions to the industry.

At the TIE Discovering Technology Treasures Expo, visitors will see several of the innovative uses of DoIT’s intelligent AI technology that have been hugely popular over the past few years. For example: “A companion robot contains ambient intelligence for seniors living alone”. The companion robot for seniors (PECOLA) uses AI sensor technology to offer elderly people comprehensive health and life security. Other popular technologies on display are new technologies for electric vehicles and self-driving cars, such as the Self-Driving System & Scenario-Based Verification of Self-Driving Vehicle, which can be quickly incorporated into various types of cars, and technologies for the circular and sustainable net zero carbon economy, for example “converting CO2 into high quality polycarbonate diol”, the synthesis of CO2 into high quality resin that recycles and reuses CO2. See future technology trends through these 81 outstanding displays!

In addition, for this exhibition, MoEA DoIT invited not only participants from Taiwan, but also from Taiwan’s three major exporting countries in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand) to talk together about the new resilient post-pandemic economy. We warmly welcome everyone from Japan to visit the expo and discuss possible collaborations. Let’s create a better life for the future together with technology!

Do not miss the events of the TIE Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Department of Industrial Technology and the exchange of experiences on the technologies from the four major technology topics! Register at