Do Not Fear Marketing Technology Platforms | JD Supra Perspectives

… the technologies that you use today will help your company to remain competitive in the future.

The challenges faced by marketing and business development team leaders at professional services and law firms today are enormous – especially when they’re not in a huge law firm. Staying one step ahead of the curve in marketing technology has never been more difficult, and to steal a sentence it takes a village. And when you’re not in a company with a large number of residents, budget and staffing fears make it seem like a path you just can’t go.

The truth is, this is the exact way to go and these are the initiatives that you need to evaluate on behalf of your business.

Whether it’s a CRM, a website CMS platform, personalization, an outbound email platform built into the first two, automated pitch tools and libraries, a comprehensive database for affairs, a database for Relevant pipeline opportunities or a lead generation program, the technologies you deploying today will help your business stay competitive in the future.

As the future begins today, keep these points in mind:

Collaborate with other internal departments. Now is not the time for silo.

Your CIO, CTO, CISO, CFO, to name a few, often focus their budgets on technology initiatives, all of which can be easily understood by leadership. Join this thinking and position your platforms based on the value they add to running your business. While marketing technology platforms can be your tools of the trade, you need to tailor these tools to meet the needs of the management team and other business executives. not just your team.

For marketers, you need to know what you don’t know – accept it – and solve it.

Ask lots of questions, participate in forums, study and learn. Start with your company’s insider departments – and then move on to your network. The time you spend doing this – and your more experienced reports – will be most beneficial. Do not delegate this research to an intern, but to people with significant business experience.

Beyond your internal team, make sure that your budget includes external help at multiple levels.

These platforms may seem complicated at first, but the good news is that there are plenty of outside consultants out there who can help you and your team master them. And not just during the implementation, but also when deciding what should be implemented. They also help you identify the “must-haves” of the “possible” haves – the latter often leads to delays, cost increases and a product that is more complicated than it needs to be.

Plot and plan and plan and plan. The more time and effort you put into these projects at the beginning, the smoother your implementation will be in the end.

Your endgame is to implement initiatives, not discuss the initiatives. Make sure your schedules are realistic. For example, if others need to revisit their contact lists, give them enough time to do so – and give them context so they can see what’s in it for them.

We drown in information and hunger for knowledge.

So don’t forget about dashboards and analytics. Too often, marketing technology platforms are set up to deploy without thinking through the dashboards that will knock your leadership team off their socks. Know what is important to them and what to look for in their decision-making. Make sure your dashboards present not only data, but meaningful insights as well. Never let this end – your CRM platform needs to be designed with foresight and placed and organized with data so that dashboards are updated seamlessly, organically and in real time.

Most importantly, make sure that each of your marketing technology initiatives fit into your company’s strategy. They must be properly labeled. And they need to be easy to use across the company. Only then will the investment in the platform and the value of your team be proven.

The brave man is not the one who is not afraid, but the one who overcomes that fear (Nelson Mandela).

So don’t be afraid of marketing technology platforms.


Paula Zirinsky is an accomplished Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, now in an advisory capacity. Her expertise in marketing, communications, branding, business development and technology platforms, as well as her ability to create infrastructure and growth opportunities, is extensive and encompasses professional services, legal marketing and well-known companies in the consumer goods, fragrances and cosmetics sectors. Home textiles and the automotive industry. She can be reached at