Education can be enhanced through technology like AI

Knewton's Alta program uses AI to create personalized college-level coursework.

Educators are at the end of their ropes. So suggests RAND Corp Fall 2020 Survey., which showed that a quarter of all teachers are considering dropping out of their training.

Distance learning and COVID-19 are partly responsible for this: According to RAND, more than half (57 percent) of teachers said they worked more hours per week than before during the pandemic, and 80 percent reported feelings of burnout. Even before COVID-19, however, former public school teachers struggled and reported finding better pay, better work-life balance, more resources and a more manageable workload in professions outside of education.

“Part of the problem is that teachers spend a lot of time doing things that they don’t think are the best or most use of their time,” says former teacher Jake Bryant, now a partner at McKinsey & Co., where he oversees the company’s training practice. “Nobody becomes a third grade teacher because they love to collect permits and fill out attendance lists. What motivates you to start your career is the interaction and engagement with the students and the support you provide with your learning. “