Ettrick Deli burglary suspect caught with help of unique forensic technology

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) – A popular delicatessen store in Ettrick has been slumped several times in the past six months. Chesterfield police recently arrested a suspect for a unique forensic technology.

Lt. Stephen Fortier of CPD told 8News that their department is the only jurisdiction in the state that uses it SmartWater CSI .

Etrrick Deli, located near Virginia State University, is a family business that has been serving delicious food for more than three decades. However, the staple food business has been a target of crime.
8News covered a number of break-ins last December when police confirmed four break-ins in just two months.

It’s been here a long time and I’m shocked to see they were robbed, ”said James Griffin, a regular at the deli.

Since our report in December, the authorities have been saying two more break-ins The total has been reported to have increased to six in the past six months. The last incident occurred two weeks ago, but unlike the others, this incident was arrested.

Christopher Gaines, 52, was arrested on April 11th.
The officers responded to an alarm in the deli and found Gaines, who, according to police, ignored verbal orders and ran away on foot. After a brief persecution, Gaines was arrested.

In a statement, authorities said: “The officers knew the company was protected by SmartWater CSI and picked up the emitted light to see if the suspect’s clothes were glowing green under the light. As you can see in the attached photo, the substance was there! “

The department released an arrest photo showing a yellow-green fluorescent paint on Gaines’ clothing, which is the result of the technology.

“SmartWater is a unique tool,” said Lt. Go on. “We are the only jurisdiction in the Commonwealth that uses it.”

Fortier showed 8News how the technology works on Monday afternoon. He held up a small light, similar to a slim flashlight, that said, “This is the SmartWater light. It is a UV light with a unique frequency. “

The solution is contained in a kit. For private households, the liquid can be marked on various objects with a brush, and there are various ways for a business to use the technology. For example, the liquid can unfold and spray when triggered.

“They are triggered when you walk into the store or enter the vehicle or a room that you are unlikely to be in,” said Lt. Go on.

The solution is colorless to the eye, but it glows under UV light and shows law enforcement in the right direction. Fortier tells 8News that the solution will last three weeks on the skin and up to five years on clothing. He adds that forensic technology has been in the division for a few years, but Ettrick Deli’s arrest marks the division’s first commercial success with the technology.

Gaines won’t be charged until April. A CDP spokesman says the other five break-ins are being investigated.

If you know anything, call the police. If you are interested in SmartWater CSI for your home or business, call the Community Services Division at 804-318-8699.