Ex-deputy gov says science, technology keys to solving Nigeria’s problems

Former Ekiti State Deputy Governor Prof. Kolapo Olusola said the failure to provide the necessary modern technological tools and equipment required for excellence in the country’s research centers and institutions is the reason for the persistent socio-economic and political Problems that the country is facing is country.

Olusola, a candidate for governor for a People’s Democratic Party in the state, said Nigeria could only compete effectively in the emerging global market if research and development centers and technology development institutions were strengthened for optimal performance.

The former lieutenant governor, according to a statement entitled “Olusola to FG: Apply Science-based technology to addressingarmut, corruption, energy, other human needs in Nigeria”, made the contributions in a paper entitled “Energy and Industrial Development, Panacea “. to poverty and insecurity challenges. ‘

Olusola reportedly delivered the paper during the first annual lecture at the School of Physical Sciences, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State.

He said no nation can grow beyond its scientific and technological advances, adding, “Science and technology play a vital role in the acquisition of skills, job creation and wealth, the quality of life and industrial development of a nation.

“Not only do they drive advances that lead to healthier, longer, more prosperous, and more productive lives, they are key components in solving the poverty reduction and economic development challenges we are facing now and likely to be in the future.

“It is well known that the lack of adequate and modern equipment limits breakthroughs in research performance. So the system has caught up with the left-behind syndrome. The economy then starts and continues to decline. “This is the unfortunate story in Nigeria; hence the increasing rates of poverty and crime, which in most cases are symptoms of deprivation and lack of user engagement among young people.

“Every nation wants peace and effective competition in the emerging global market. This can only be achieved if such a country gives priority to adequately strengthening its existing research and development centers and technology development facilities to encourage and support the transition to the adoption and increased use of modern technological approaches. ”

Olusola noted that Nigeria has brilliant people doing tricks all over the world, except in Nigeria.

He attributed this to the fact that the Nigerian government and leaders fail to provide the modern technological tools and equipment necessary for excellence in research centers and institutions. ”

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