Expected new iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and new MacBook Pro-Technology News, Firstpost

Apple is annual World Development Conference (WWDC) June 7-10 this year. The three-day conference takes place online and is free for all Apple developers. Live stream links are available on Apple developer App, Apple TV The app and YouTube are today’s IST at 10:30 p.m. As always, the company will announce the next version of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS on the first day of the event.

Apple’s WWDC21 ends June 11th.

In addition to software updates YouTuber John Prosser It also suggested that the company might launch a new MacBook Pro model at the event.

Apple WWDC21: What to Expect


As a hit Previous report, Apple plans to allow users to set various notification settings like sound and vibration in iOS 15. User status can be selected from a new menu that appears in the lock screen and control center. It also includes an option to automatically reply to messages with different user status. Currently, Apple only allows automatic replies while driving.

Another promising new feature is the new privacy menu. This menu shows which apps are collecting data in the background. This contributes to the app tracking transparency disclosures that apps make, and we speculate that they are likely exploiting the privacy labels that apps disclose to the Apple App Store.

Another upgrade from Apple is for the iPadOS home screen, which can place widgets on the home screen.

Apple comes to iMessage with the aim of achieving social network status. A few years later, users can expect some changes that will allow the app to look more modern than WhatsApp. At this point, however, specific changes to iMessage. Is not mentioned.

Apple has been stepping up data protection for devices over the past few years, but has confirmed that many iOS apps use dedicated trackers to collect and share personal data from users such as phone numbers and locations. It has been.

macOS 12, watchOS 8

According to the report by CnetA future watchOS 8 update may include a new blood glucose meter. Additionally, macOS 12 may be focused on enhancing the capabilities of Macs with the M1.

New MacBook Pro

Bloomberg It was recently reported that a new MacBook Pro model with an Apple silicon chipset may be available “this summer”.

The report further adds that future models may have new design languages, Apple silicon chipsets, and updated mini-LED display technology. Future series will be available in 14 inch and 16 inch display sizes. The report suggests that the company could remove the “MacBook Pro” logo from under the display. These models may have connectors for HDMI, SD cards, and MagSafe.

For Apple silicon chipsets, it can come with a 10-core design with one high-performance core and two high-efficiency cores. Apple will offer two types of chips, 16 GPU cores and 32 GPU cores.

Expected new iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and new MacBook Pro-Technology News, Firstpost

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